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   Chapter 283 A Big Game of Chess

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Linda couldn't grasp the whole picture yet, but she believed that there must be some sort of relationship between the two.

Linda continued to listen to the recording, and had a general understanding of what they were talking about.

Linda didn't expect that Amy would actually give half of the Qi clan's property to Adam Huo just to see her dead.

Thinking abou it, Linda was amused.

How deeply did Amy hate her?

But the saddest part for Amy was that Charles did not like her at all! It was ridiculous of her to do such a crazy thing for love.

Linda knew that Adam Huo was also bad news.

Who on earth was this guy? His name always seemed to come up in recordings.

Linda was sure that this person couldn't be a good person.

As she thought about it, Linda summoned Nelson.

"My Lady, what can I do for you?"

Of course, Nelson immediately acted upon Linda's call. He longed to see Lily, who was with Linda at the moment.

"Nel, can you help me find out information about a certain Adam Huo?"

"Adam Huo? The name sounds so familiar, " Nelson thought carefully, but he couldn't recall anything.

"Very familiar?"

"Yes, the surname sounds very familiar. Adam Huo..., Adam..."

"A familiar surname? I remember that there are four big clans in SH City. Among them, the clan to the East, is the Huo clan. Adam Huo is likely to be a member of the Huo clan." It occurred to Linda that Bun had told her about the four big clans: to the west, the Wang clan; to the South, the Mu clan; to the North, the Ho clan; to the East, the Huo clan.

"My Lady, you may be right. I'll ask someone to find out whether Adam Huo belongs to the Huo clan."

Linda nodded, and then Nelson left.

About half an hour later, he came back again.

"My Lady, I've checked it for you. There really is an Adam Huo in the Huo clan. He is the Young Master of the Huo clan."

"The Young Ma

In that telephone recording, Adam Huo told Amy very clearly that he would give her half an hour to consider. Then, he would send someone to bring the property transfer certification to the hospital for Amy to sign.

"Lily, can you intercept the text message Amy sent out?"

"Of course I can."

"Nel, does the Nalan clan have a company or business that is not publicly known to belong to the Nalan clan?"

"Of course there is. Why do you ask about this?" Nelson responded.

"Go get a property transfer certification now and then have Amy sign it. Hurry! We should get it to her before Adam Huo gets to her first.

I would not let Adam Huo get profit from the Qi clan's property easily."

"My Lady, I see what you mean." Nelson nodded and quickly left. He didn't have much time left to do what Linda asked him to do.

Lily couldn't understand. After Nelson left, she asked, "Linda? What were you two saying? I don't understand..."

Linda explained with smile, "Didn't you hear the telephone recording just now? Adam Huo had given Amy half an hour to consider. Now, I asked Nel to prepare a property transfer certification. Since you are monitoring the text messages, once Amy sends Adam Huo the hospital address, you will intercept that message."

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