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   Chapter 282 It was You, My Lady

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Amy's heart throbbed violently. Who else would send her such a threatening text but Adam Huo?

'This ought to make Amy answer the phone quickly.' Adam thought.

Five minutes later, the phone rang again. It was the same number.

Looking at the flickering number on the screen, Amy took a deep breath and finally pressed the answer button.

"Hello, Amy! How's everything going? Miss me?" Adam said in his naturally sweet voice which always made people comfortable.

No one would guess how horrible he really was.

Amy didn't respond. She was gathering her thoughts, thinking about what to say.

Noticing her silence, Adam spoke, "Seems not! Never mind! Anyway, have you done what I asked you to do? Time is up!"

"Can you give me more time? I fell off from a building. My bones are broken, so I can't even move, " Amy said through clenched teeth.

"Bravo! Did you jump off the building to buy yourself more time? Can you give a more credible excuse?" Clearly, Adam wasn't buying it.

"I'm not lying! I'm in the hospital! Just give me more time. Please."

Amy was trying to stall and come up with other solutions. She was afraid that Adam would send the recording to Charles.

If so, Charles wouldn't let her off.

She would suffer the consequences.

Silent for a moment, Adam continued, "How careless of you! Were you badly hurt?"

Amy was relieved. She thought Adam was nice enough to consider her plea. She said, "Yes, I have sustained a fracture on my le

ceived a message, " Linda turned to the screen.

"Answer the phone within five minutes!"

Lily read out the message verbatim.

"Answer the phone within five minutes?"

"Yes, exactly! But it's weird. I can't trace the source of the message and its contact information. It a number without an area code, " said Lily.

"That's okay. According to the message, there will be a call. Can we intercept the call?" Linda asked.

"Yes, of course. When they hang up, the recorded conversation will be transmitted to this laptop."

With that, they continued playing as they waited.

Ten minutes later, a three-minute recording was received.

Lily played the recording for the both of them to hear.

Linda was shocked by the recording.

Was there someone else involved in her abduction?

Linda found the voice familiar.

She associated it with the recording in Sarah's phone the moment Amy screamed out the name "Adam Huo".

Were Master Adam and Adam Huo the same person?

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