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   Chapter 281 Nelson Was Playing Dumb

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"Then I went into the toilet cubicle. After I've done my business, I found I was locked inside..."

Amy continued.

"Miss Qi, we checked the toilet door after we sent you to the hospital. It seemed that there was nothing wrong with the door, " said Nelson acting concerned. Little did Amy know that he was sneering inside.

"That's impossible. I had been pushing hard, but the door just wouldn't open, " shouted Amy in so much frustration causing her wounds to tear open.

Her face turned pale in a flash, breaking out in a cold sweat.

"Are you alright, Miss Qi? Please lie still. Any sudden movement might worsen your injuries, " Nelson pretended to be polite.

He should convince Amy that the Nalan clan had initiated an investigation regarding her fall, and the clan was taking care of her.

"Okay, "

Said Amy, who clenched her teeth due to the pain and dared not move.

"If you couldn't open the door, then why didn't you call for help? And how did you fall from the fifth floor at 1 AM? The banquet had finished at around 11 PM."

"I wanted to call for help, but the network signal there was weak. Then, I thought someone would come to my rescue the next day, so I waited it out. But suddenly the whole restroom was suddenly infested with bugs and rats. I didn't even know where they came from!"

The thought of the horrible scene made Amy's flesh crawl.

She was afraid of insects, ever since she was a child, let alone a swarm of them. What's worse, the bugs and mice even got on her. That nasty feeling was difficult to even describe.

Amy was b

dn't believe a word Nelson said.

She stayed upset for a while.

Since she couldn't sleep last night due to the pain all over her body, she dozed off.

The dull pain all over her body tormented her.

About an hour later, her cellphone rang.

Thankfully, she could still move one of her arms.

But she still struggled to reach the phone.

Nelson was kind enough to plug the phone in and switch it on. Otherwise, she would have missed the phone call.

It was an unknown number. Amy could not tell who was calling.

It could be Adam.

Amy refused to answer the call. She had no idea how to face him.

She had been desperate to kill Linda, so she immediately accepted Adam's terms, but now she regretted it.

After all, Linda's death was not worth half of the Qi clan's wealth.

Back then, Amy was consumed by her hatred towards Linda and acted rashly, but now she had come to her senses.

The ringing stopped after a while. But a text message came, it read, "I'll give you 5 minutes to call me. Otherwise, you'll pay for it."

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