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   Chapter 280 Put on A Show

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No wonder Lily hadn't told Nelson about the photos.

These photos were just way too hot. Lily, who was a little into Nelson, naturally didn't want him to see these.

For her, these were pornographic.

"Hey! Look at this one! A selfie in front of her bathroom mirror! That's a nice bra. Shall we get one, Linda?"

"Come on, why am I going to do with a bra like that?" said Linda.

The three girls kept browsing through and laughing at the photos.

They didn't expect Amy was capable of doing this, taking selfies with only a bra on.

She seemed to be an expert in doing this, judging from the camera angles.

The album had more than a hundred photos, each one with a different bra.

It seemed like she had always been this weird.

"Linda, I think we should take full adventage of these!" said Lily, gazing at these photos.

Ruining the reputation of the Qi clan was the best revenge.

"Save these photos for me. I feel like I could use them someday, " Linda remained calmed when as she saw these photos.

If she leaked the photos, it would definitely put Amy in trouble. But it was not enough.

Linda wanted more.

Linda wanted her to pay for every nasty thing Amy did to her, especially for the scars on Linda's beautiful face.

Linda clearly remembered how Amy cut her face slowly and steadily.

"Fine, I'll keep them secure."

"By the way, is there any chance that Amy would find out you went through her photo library?" asked Linda.

erwise, the reputation of the Nalan clan would be damaged.

He had to clear the Nalan clan's name from the whole thing.

"I don't know. I went to the toilet and met your lady and a servant of the Mu clan. It seemed that your Lady was... a bit prideful..."

Amy tried her best to find the appropriate words to describe Haley that day.

She was sure that they hadn't met before. There should have been no resentment between the two of them, so she was wondering why Haley was cold to her that night.

Since Nelson was from the Nalan clan, she had to use a euphemism.

Nelson laughed softly and repeated, "A bit prideful? Lady Haley had always been cold toward strangers. I'm sorry that Lady Haley made you feel bad."

"Oh, I see. I must have judged her wrongly."

Upon hearing Nelson's explanation, it all made sense to Amy. No wonder Haley treated her weirdly when Amy greeted her.

"Then? What happened to you next? How did you fall down from the fifth floor?"

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