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   Chapter 279 Photos in Amy’s Cellphone

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Amy Qi became very angry when she thought of what she had suffered.

"Haley Nalan, what did I do to offend you? Why did you treat me like this?" Amy wondered.

Her body felt like it was crushed by a truck. Everything was painful.

She had severe injuries. Her heart was slightly twitching.

When she fell, Amy landed face down. Her left cheekbone was scratched.

That night, she was really scared.

She was terrified of bugs. If there were only one or two, she could bear it, but with all the worms, rats, and centipedes, it was all too much for her.

Flustered, she climbed to the window so the pests couldn't reach her. She wasn't planning on jumping.

But Amy was wearing high heels, so she accidentally slipped and fell down to the ground.

Fortunately, when she fell, the trees, the flowers, and the soft grass on the ground saved her life.

Linda, Anna, and Lily were eating a hearty breakfast in the Linda Garden.

One of the servants went in and told them that Nelson Li was coming.

After Nelson arrived, he was holding a bag in his hand.

"Nel, what is that? Something to eat?" Linda thought that Nelson brought her something delicious.

Nelson chuckled and shook his head, "My Lady, this is not something to eat, but something Amy left in the bathroom yesterday."

"Something Amy left in the bathroom yesterday?" Linda asked.

Nelson nodded and replied, "Yes, these are Amy's bag and her cellphone. But her cellphone seems to be turned off. I don't know whether it is broken or not."

Linda took Amy's cellphone from Nelson and took a good look at it.

Generally speaking, bugging someone's cellphone violated the ethical codes, but ethics did no

nda was amazed.

"Yes, hahaha! Don't try to offend me. I am horrible, " Lily said and smiled.

Nelson took the phone and said to Linda, "My Lady, I must leave now. I will return these things to Amy Qi."

"Okay, " Linda nodded.

When Nelson left, Lily's face turned sour. She had an awful expression on her face which did not match her lovely white features.

"What happened? Why do you look so weird, Lily?"

"Come, come quick!" Lily asked the two girls to look at her computer.

"Is there something interesting on Amy's cellphone?" Anna asked.

Lily nodded and smiled, "You guessed it right, Anna. I checked Amy's cellphone and cracked the passwords of two encrypted photo files. And do you know what I found?"

"What? Naked photos?"

The three girls intently stared at the computer as Lily opened a photo file. The photo completely changed their impression of Amy Qi's social status.

Was that the most talented woman in SH city who was born into a scholarly family, Miss Amy Qi?

"Oh my god! Look at those sexual poses. She must be an expert in this." Lily looked at the photos with great interest.

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