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   Chapter 278 Almost Dead

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Every night, roving guards were placed around the Nalan mansion to ensure the safety of the Nalan members.

When Nelson walked downstairs, he saw some guards and told them, "Go and check the grass over there. I heard a loud noise."

"Yes, Sir."

When the guards arrived at the scene, they found Amy Qi quivering.

"Mr. Li, there is a person over there. She seemed to have fallen from somewhere." A guard reported to Nelson.

"Let's go check it out."

Nelson followed the patrol and saw Amy's embarrassed look and painful expression. He squatted down and asked, "Who are you? Why are you here?"

She was in pain.

Amy was losing consciousness. She felt pain all over her body.

At that moment, Amy wanted to faint because she was in too much agony.

"Help me...I am..."

Amy fainted before she finished her words.

Nelson looked at Amy and stood up. He ordered a guard behind him, "Send her to the hospital! She must be one of the guests who attended the banquet tonight. We don't know what happened to her."

"Yes, Sir."

Then two patrolmen took Amy to a hospital.

Since Amy was not a Nalan clan member, they took her to a nearby public hospital instead of a private hospital.

Although Nelson knew that the person was Amy Qi, he pretended not to know her.

He wanted to take revenge on Amy for Lady Linda.

On the next day, Nelson reported the situation to Richard Nalan.

"My Lord, yesterday, the guards found someone who had fallen off our building."

"Really? How was he? Did you send him to the hospital? Who was it?" Lord Nalan asked.

After all, a party was held in the Nalan mansion last night. Lord Nalan couldn't guess who it was among all the people who attended the party.

"It was Miss Amy Qi, but we pretended that we didn't know that it was her." Nelson answered.

Lord Nalan immediately understood what Nelson meant and nodded, "Okay, I see. Let's act clueless until the

She waited the whole day but Amy still didn't come back. When she planned to call Sarah again, Sarah's call came over.

"No, she isn't. Sarah, when I called you yesterday, didn't you say that Amy was on the way back home? Where is she? I am so worried!" Amanda asked Sarah impatiently.

"I don't know, Amanda. I have called Amy many times but she is not answering her phone, " Sarah responded.

Was Amy missing? Amanda was so worried that she had to call the police.

After getting the report, the police investigated Amy's disappearance. They even went to the Nalan mansion to retrace Amy's steps.

Fortunately, the policemen received useful news from the Nalan clan. They said that there was a woman who fell down from the building and had to be sent to the hospital.

After asking about the woman's profile and clothing, Amanda and Bob were sure that the woman was indeed Amy.

They were in shock.

Amy had been in the hospital for a few days. She was seriously injured. She was in coma for two days, but she slowly woke up after recovering a little.

There were bruises on her body, and both her legs and a rib were broken.

Fortunately, on that day, when she fell down from the fifth floor, the trees and grass eased the impact. Otherwise, she might have died.

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