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   Chapter 277 Falling Down From the House

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Anna Xu had been by Linda's side and understood her feelings.

Nelson Li took a toolbox and followed the other three to the restroom in the banquet hall.

At that moment, there was no one at the banquet hall. After all, it was already 1 AM, and everyone had went to bed.

The banquet hall was on the fifth floor, the top floor of this building.

"How can we get the bugs out of the sack?" Lily asked.

There were different types of insects and even a rat in the bag. When Lily heard the rat squeaking, she got goosebumps all over.

"I will do it!" Nelson said and shook his head helplessly.

As the head steward of the Nalan clan's household affairs, he was beyond doing such disgusting things, But he despised Amy too.

Taking the sack from Anna, Nelson climbed to the roof of the building with the toolbox and opened the restroom ceiling from the mezzanine of the roof.

Nelson released the pests from the sack into the vent near the ceiling.

The bugs slid down the restroom where Amy was located.

Meanwhile, Amy was on the toilet in the restroom, falling asleep. After all, it was already way past her bedtime.

Suddenly, she heard a faint sound, but she dismissed it.

But she felt something crawl across her neck and down her body.

A rat squeaked. Amy woke up and rubbed her eyes. She felt itchy on parts of her body, so she scratched. Something seemed to have latched onto her hand and stung her.

She grabbed it, and held it up the window for her to see clearly.

It was a three-centimeter centipede.

Amy immediately screeched. Girls were usually afraid of insects, and she wasn't an exception.

She looked down only to find her body and the floor covered with different kinds of insects.

There was also a squeaki

us, " Lily said.

Indeed, the restroom was still locked. The mop and the bucket were still leaning against the door. If someone checked those tomorrow, they would find that Amy's fall was a crime, and someone did made her do that deliberately.

"Ok, I will go to sleep, " Linda nodded. She yawned and went back. She was getting a little sleepy. She stayed up until late because she wanted to see Amy punished.

At the same time, she was very curious and wanted to know what Anna was planning to do.

After Linda left, Anna and Lily took the key and opened the restroom door. After entering it, they put the mop back to its original position and dumped the water from the bucket.

Then, they took away the lock that hung on the door.

Anna was well-prepared. Since she knew how to attract the insects, she also knew how to get rid of them.

Anna took a bottle of blue liquid out of her pocket and put it on the ground. After a while, the insects slowly crawled out of the bathroom.

Before leaving, Lily put a small bag of bread next to the toilet.

She also switched off the interference software she created to bring back the network signal in the area.

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