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   Chapter 276 Answer for It

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Amy was filled with rage.

"Who did this? Was it Haley or Bonny?"

Amy believed that it was Bonny who did this.

Linda and Bonny both hated her, but Haley Nalan didn't have any motive to do this to her. In fact, today was the first time she had ever talked to Haley.

Indeed, Haley wasn't nice to her, but maybe that was how she naturally was as a person.

Haley wouldn't be bothered locking Amy in the restroom.

"Bonny, this is a mistake. You will answer for this once I get out of here!" Gritting her teeth, Amy thought negatively.

"I killed the lady you served, and you will definitely be next."

Sarah had been complaining about Brian seeing Bonny in secret.

Amy didn't have any intention to help Sarah. Why would she bother? After all, even if Sarah and Brian ended up together, what was she going to get from it? Nothing.

She would even feel sad if the two did get together.

Why? Why should Sarah, or anyone, be with the man she loved, while Amy can't even be with Charles? She could only watch him from a distance, with a woman who wasn't her.

An hour passed.

Another two hours.

No lights, nor signal. Amy was getting even more upset.

After playing games for two hours on her mobile phone, the battery died.

Amy was really pissed right now. She had no idea how long it would take for people to find out that she was missing. "Maybe the cleaner will find me tomorrow morning."

Amy felt a sudden urge to urinate again.

She had drunk too much wine.

Luckily, she was stuck in a toilet cubicle.

If she were stuck in a different place, then she would be screwed.

When she had finished peeing, Amy pressed the flush button, but it wasn't working.

She tried a few more times, but nothing happened.

"So there is n

, she was so close to Nelson that she can even feel his heart beat, making her blush.

"These bugs are for Amy. Locking her in the toilet for one night can't make up for everything she had done to hurt my lady, " Anna said sternly.

The crowds of insects was a horrific sight to see.

There were rats too.

Anna tied the sack up when there were enough bugs and rats.

"Since you're familiar with the Nalan mansion, Nelson, is it possible to open the ceiling of the restroom? After all, we can't throw the sack directly through the window. We might get caught."

"Yes. Each restroom of the Nalan mansion is equipped with a ventilator. Let's check it out, " Nelson answered.

"Great. Let's go."

Linda was touched by all her friends' efforts.

She was curious about what Anna was doing at midnight. It never occurred to her that Anna was also there to help her seek revenge, with this liquid.

As a chemistry major, Linda knew that the liquid was a mix of complicated ingredients and was difficult to make.

"Anna, will Amy die if she gets bitten by these creatures? If so, that would be too easy. She had hurt me deeply. She doesn't deserve to die so fast."

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