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   Chapter 275 No One Will Come to Save You

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"Wow! Seriously, Nel? These are huge!"

"What? I just followed instructions, " he nonchalantly said, "Lily said the bigger, the better, just as you asked."

Surprisingly, Lily was more mischievous than she let on.

With these two huge locks, even ten strong men wouldn't be able to unlock the door unless they broke it down.

Amy wouldn't be able to break out with this.

She sneaked back into the ladies room and locked her in.

Amy was still pounding on the door, "Who the hell are you? Bun? Is that you? How dare you do this to me?"

Linda sneaked out without any response.

She then locked the entrance too.


Said Linda, clapping her hands.

Noticing that Nelson was staring at her, "What?" she asked, "Do you think I'm mean, Nel?"

Nelson smiled, bringing out a signboard that read 'Maintenance Ongoing' and hung it in front of the door.

"My Lady, I know everything Amy did to you. For justice's sake, I would like to keep her there forever."

Linda burst into laughter upon hearing this.

"I have asked Lily to block the network signal. No one would come rescue her. It's just a small punishment for everything she had done."

After saying that, Linda and Nelson walked out, side by side, and proceeded to the Linda Garden.

Lily was creating a customized signal jammer on her laptop.

As a skilled IT expert, she was done wi

let bowl when, all of a sudden, the lights went out.

This frightened Amy. She was afraid of the dark, but fortunately she was near a small window, so she relied on the moonlight that seeped through.

But still, it was dim.

Amy took a deep breath and yelled, "Do you really think you can lock me in here?"

'A phone call could easily fix this' she thought.

She took out the phone and opened the flash.

Then, Amy tried calling Amanda Zhang, But the line was busy.

"What the hell? What's wrong with my phone?"

She looked at it closer, only to find out that there was no network signal at all.

Amy Qi restarted the phone again, but she still couldn't get a dial tone.

Her rage elevated by the minute.

But all she could do was shout out loud toward the window.

Unfortunately, no one could stroll around that area except Linda Xia. Amy shouted for half an hour but received no response.

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