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   Chapter 274 Two Huge Locks

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Seeing Bun's eyes turn red, Linda wondered

whether something unpleasant happened between her and Brian Ho.

But Linda Xia didn't ask any more for fear that Bun might recognise her.

Her relationship with Brian was not public knowledge.

Only Charles, Amy, Sarah, and Linda knew about it.

How could the eldest daughter of the Nalan clan know? That would be fishy.

Linda heard a loud bang coming from the restroom.

The toilet cubicle door wouldn't open because Linda had blocked it with a bucket and a mop.

Exerting as much effort as she could, Amy still couldn't open the door.

"What's happening? Why won't the door open?" Amy panicked, pushing the door like crazy.

Upon hearing her shout, Linda and Bun smiled at each other.

"She must be totally annoyed now. Let's get out of here before she calls for help. Anyway, she's the eldest daughter of the Qi clan who came to attend your celebration today. She's a Nalan clan guest."

"Who cares? She's a Nalan clan guest, not mine! I will make sure to keep her in there the whole night. No one will come to help. That's what I'm going to do!"

"How do you plan to do that, Lady Nalan?" Bun asked with great curiosity.

"I'll have the network signal blocked around this area."

Bun sized up the lady before her who somewhat bore a resemblance with Lady Linda in appearance and in personality. Bun was well-disposed toward her.

"Lady Nalan, I should probably go. Lord Nalan and Lady Violet must be wondering where I am. It's nice to meet you. Thank you for helping me out tonight,"

apped Amy in the bathroom, but I can't keep her in there for long if she calls for help, so I'm trying to cut off network signal. No phone calls and no messages. What do you think?"

Amused by her prank, Lily Jiang burst with laughter and said, "No problem. I can easily make a software program to cut off her signal. No one will get her message."

"Brilliant! But you have to hurry before she escapes. If her family finds her, our plan will be screwed," Linda hastily said.

"Copy that!" Lily answered.

Linda was determined to teach Amy a lesson, but she was worried that the bucket and the mop wouldn't be enough.

"Lily, Where is Nel?" Linda asked.

Lily Jiang threw a glance at Nelson who was standing beside her. She bashfully responded, "Uh...He... He's with me."

"Tell him to bring me a padlock right this instant. I'm going to lock her in the bathroom the whole night."

"You are so bad. Hahaha.... All right. I will tell him."

Nelson got to Linda ten minutes after the girls hung up, with two huge locks in his hands.

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