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   Chapter 273 Locked in The Restroom

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Linda looked at Amy. Millions of thoughts overwhelmed Linda. She got distracted and didn't answer.

Amy was confused. Was it inappropriate to ask such question now?

After all, she was the Lady of the Nalan clan.

She cleared her throat and asked again, "Are you the Lady of the Nalan clan, Haley?"

The Qi clan came to the party in hopes of building a relationship with the Nalan clan. Meeting the Lady of the Nalan clan in the restroom by accident was an opportunity for Amy to gage how Haley was. If they could end up being good friends, then the chance of cooperation between the two clans will be higher.

Linda realized what Amy said. She glanced at Amy and scornfully answered, "Why did you ask if you already knew?"

Amy was humiliated and didn't know how to answer.

She hadn't expect that the Haley Nalan's temper was bad. She stood speechless for a while.

After Linda washed her hands, she cast a glance at Amy and walked out of the restroom.

She was afraid that she wouldn't be able to stop herself from holding Amy down on the floor and throwing punches in her face.

That kind of revenge wouldn't be enough.

"Lady Haley, wait a minute. Please, "

Amy called behind her.

Linda turned back. She looked at Amy and said, "What's the matter?"

She didn't have the strength nor the patience to treat Amy nicely at the moment. Looking at Amy's face, she would think of the time she was in the warehouse where Amy slashed her face with a knife, repeatedly.

Having seen Linda's bad attitude, she understood that all the ladies of the Nalan clan were all ill-tempered. In order to build a relationship with the Nalan clan, Amy threw her pride aside and said, "Here's the thing. We'll be having a tea party next week with ladies of our status. I know that you have never joined such party. Would you like to come with? It

was about to say something, but Linda motioned for Bun to keep quiet.

After placing the mop properly, Linda gestured for Bun to come outside.

At the banquet, Richard had introduced Linda in front of everyone.

Therefore, Bun knew that she was the Lady of the Nalan clan, Haley Nalan. Bun saw a bit of similarity with Haley and her lady.

She mentioned this to Violet and James Mu.

After all, the Nalan clan was also the house of Linda's grandmother. Haley Nalan should have had been related to Linda's mother somehow. It wasn't surprising that they looked alike.

Linda and Bun walked out of the restroom.

Looking at Linda, Bun felt a sense of familiarity, beyond the physical appearance.

She felt at ease with Lady Nalan.

"So... Lady Nalan, are you and Amy not in good terms?" Bun asked.

Linda shook her head and said with a smile, "No. I just think that she's a disrespectful bitch, so I taught her a lesson."

Bun burst into laugher. "Amy is a real bitch. In the past, there were some conflicts between her and Lady Linda. She always played some dirty trick on my lady whenever she could, "

Bun said, her eyes filling up with tears.

Where on earth was Linda? Why did she disappear without a reason?

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