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   Chapter 272 Unavoidable Confrontation

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"She is getting more and more childish, " Lenny embarrassingly said as he saw his daughter walk out without manners. He shook his head.

"Father, Rosy is still young. Don't be angry with her immaturity, " Devin quickly stood up to mediate the dispute.

"My niece, I feel sorry for what happened. Please don't take it seriously, " Lenny apologized deeply to Linda.

Although Rosy Nalan was rude and heartless, her father wasn't.

Linda's impression of Lenny also got a bit better.

After having some food, Lord Nalan took Linda to the other tables to toast with some VIPs of the party.

Today's gathering was all about Linda's official induction to the clan.

Linda was grateful to Lord Nalan for what he had done.

In this way, Linda could build her network and reputation with these prestigious people so she could easily plan out her revenge.

There were a lot of people who wanted to take a closer look at Linda. After she sat down, people were still approaching her so that they could personally have a toast.

Linda felt sad. She was an avid foodie, and the food at the party looked delicious. But she had to put her chopsticks down, once someone came to toast.

Although she had already had someone change the red wine in her glass into grape juice, she was still getting sick of drinking.

Group after another group, she was overwhelmed and couldn't even remember the names anymore.

Richard said that the Mu clan would be here today. Linda had been looking for them but to no avail.

Linda would have recognized Charles even from a mile away.

"Nel, wasn't the Mu clan supposed to come today?"

"Let me check it for you, My Lady."

Nelson came back and informed Linda, "My Lady, the Mu clan is on the guest list. They are supposed to be here."

"Have they arrived yet?" Wh

da stood in front of the mirror. She recalled what she saw tonight.

Seeing Bun, James Mu and Violet, made her miss them more. She felt the urge to tell them the truth.

But Linda knew that even if she went back to Mu clan, there would be countless people keeping their eyes on her and plotting to get rid of her.

She'd rather kill those people first when they least expect it.

Linda gently caressed her belly to calm her child. This was the child of Charles Mu. The baby was growing inside of her, and thinking about this made her happy.

How she wished she could share this moment with Charles. However, she knew that now was not the right time.

She washed her hands and walked to the door, when a person pushed it open from the outside and walked in.

It was Amy Qi.

Amy saw her and was taken aback. And then, she recognized who the woman was, Haley Nalan. She was the reason why Amy was at the party tonight.

During the banquet, Amy had tried to catch a glimpse of Haley.

People were saying that the person in the powder blue dress was Haley Nalan, the granddaughter of Richard and a lady of the Nalan clan.

"Are you Haley?" Amy sorted out her thoughts and asked with smile.

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