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   Chapter 271 A New Granddaughter

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The young masters started whispering to each other. They were all wondering if this Lady Haley was currently engaged.

In their opinion, Lady Haley was not only beautiful, but she was also an heiress to a great amount of wealth.

"Haley, you haven't officially met these families, have you? Let me introduce to you," Lord Nalan beamed.

Apart from Rosy and Devin, Linda indeed had no idea of who the others were.

But she could tell that those who were sitting around the head table were all elders of Nalan clan.

"This is your uncle Lenny."

"Good evening, Uncle Lenny," Linda stood up and greeted Lenny graciously.

"This is your aunt..."

Linda politely smiled and curtsied in front of each family member that Lord Nalan introduced to her.

The moment Linda sat down, Rosy muttered, "How could someone be so impolite to let all elders wait for her!"

Linda smiled and ignored her.

But Rosy took Linda's silence as guilt.

She smirked and said in a louder voice, "You're finally here, Haley. Nobody dared to start eating while waiting for you."

Everyone knew Rosy was deliberately trying to make things difficult for Linda.

At Rosy's words, Lord Nalan pulled a long face. He snapped at Rosy before Linda spoke, "Are you that hungry?"

Being scolded by Lord Nalan, Rosy was too frightened to utter one more word.

"Grandpa advised me to get fully prepared. Sorry to keep you waiting, Rosy. If you are hungry, you can eat first," Linda said in a tender voice, with a grin.

"Haley, I hope you can forgive Rosy's

ving now," said Lily.

"Hurry up." Rosy urged Lily disrespectfully.

Linda was upset. Rosy was humiliating Lily!

Before she said anything, Lenny scolded Rosy, "Language! Rosy. How could you be so rude? Your grandfather is the one who has a say about this, not you!"

Criticized by her father in front of many guests, Rosy felt mortified. Her eyes filled with tears. "Father..." she said.

"Apologize to Miss Jiang," Lenny ordered Rosy.

"What? No way! Why should I apologize to her?" Rosy shouted.

Lenny was pissed off by Rosy's disobedience. He banged on the table as he glared at Rosy with a stern look.

Linda was also frightened by Lenny.

"All right. Now, I declare Lily as my granddaughter. From now on, she is a part of our family. She can sit here. Does anyone have any objections?" Lord Nalan said.

Hearing that, Rosy's face turned red with rage. She stood up and said, "I don't feel so good. I want to go back to my room and rest. I hope you all enjoy the dinner." Then, she marched out of the hall.

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