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   Chapter 270 The Reunion Party

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"My Lady, you are gorgeous! I envy your beauty."

Linda blushed slightly at Anna's praise.

Her face almost recovered, but still looked a little different from the original.

It needed more time to recover completely.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Linda muttered, "Charles, we are going to reunite soon."

Only God knew how much she missed Charles.

Stated on the invitation, the celebration was for the return of Lord Nalan's long-lost granddaughter, Haley Nalan.

All the guests wondered why was this long-lost granddaughter highly valued by Lord Nalan.

They were interested to meet this Lady Haley in person. Given that Charles was also invited to the party, Anna wasn't going to accompany Linda to the party.

She had been working for Mu clan's private hospital for many years since Lord Mu sponsored her to finish medical course abroad.

She was known as a Mu clan employee. Her showing up at Nalan clan's party with Haley Nalan would cause suspicion.

She thought it was too early to let Young Master Mu know their scheme.

"I am sorry, My Lady. I can't accompany you to the party. How about letting Lily go with you?" said Anna.

"It's okay. I understand." Linda said with a smile as she patted Anna's hand.

Anna turned to Lily and said, "Lily, you need to wear an evening dress for the party. Lord Nalan sent My Lady several pieces the other day. They are in the closet. You can pick any dress that you li

"Okay. I am ready, " said Linda.

Linda stepped into the hall and glanced around.

Most of the attendees were either successful businessmen or big shots from all walks of life.

Seeing Lord Nalan and Rosy sitting around the head table, Linda walked towards them, with Lily by her side.

Seeing a beautiful young lady walking towards the head table, guests guessed this lady was very likely to be Lady Haley.

Rosy, who was in a light blue evening dress, saw Linda too.

She noticed that Linda had the same dress colour as hers. Although the two dresses differed in style, Rosy felt overshadowed by Linda.

Linda had no make-up at all, unlike Rosy who had heavy make-up on. Linda looked more pure and approachable.

Linda sat down beside Lord Nalan and greeted him in a sweet voice, "Good evening, Grandpa."

Lord Nalan beamed at her.

Then he glanced over the crowd and caught some young men stealing glimpses of Linda from time to time.

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