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   Chapter 269 The Party

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When she was told that the Qis would be at the party this evening, Linda's eyes widened. Surprised, she asked, "Does this mean that Amy Qi would be there?" Linda couldn't help but clench her fists; her nails dug into her palms.

She was completely numb.


Linda knew her grandfather threw the party to show how much he valued her.

"On the invitation, I introduced you as Haley Nalan, a long-lost daughter of the Nalan clan. I planned to tell everyone that you are Linda Xia, a part of the Nalan clan, but I changed my mind because I knew you wanted to personally seek revenge on the people who hurt you."

"I see. Thank you, Grandfather." Linda held her grandfather's hands tightly. The whole purpose of this party, the announcement of her being a Nalan, was a grand but sweet gesture.

Lord Nalan was capable of destroying the Qi clan, but Linda wanted to get back at Amy Qi herself.

Amy ruined everything she had, including her face.

She could have been looked worse, if it had not been for Anna. Still, she looked different now, so she didn't mind being a Nalan instead of a Xia for the time being.

"Linda, I understand your hatred. But remember to be rational with your actions. Don't act in haste, and take it step-by-step, " Lord Nalan said with one hand on Linda's shoulder.

He understood how Linda felt.

When he found out it was Amy Qi who almost killed Linda, Lord Nalan wanted to banish the Qi clan from SH City, but he thought of how Linda would feel. He knew that Linda wanted to take revenge on Amy on her own. He had confidence in his grandaughter. She was brilliant enough to get back

tight dresses like this."

"No doubt, my lady is the most attractive woman I have ever seen, " Anna said. Linda's cheeks turned red from the compliments.

"You flatter me too much, Anna. Do you need anything from me?" Linda joked.

"Yes, I do have some requests. How do you know?" Anna joked back.

Time seemed to pass quickly, while the three of them were joking around.

"My lady, we have one more hour before the party starts. Do you want to wear make-up?" Anna asked.

Linda shook her head. She became allergic to some chemicals from make-up after she got pregnant. Even though it was a formal party, she decided not to wear any make-up for her and the baby's sakes.

She swept her glossy, straight hair back into a ponytail and laced a blue ribbon around it. She was ready for the party.

Even though Linda hadn't worn any make-up, she still looked stunning. Lily Jiang and Anna stood spellbound by this gorgeous beauty in front of them.

Powder blue suited her; it highlighted her pale, glowing skin.

Linda looked back. A charming smile curved her thin lips.

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