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   Chapter 268 The Qi Clan Will Also Attend

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Rosy Nalan was flattered by Jessie Luo's admiration.

"About that..."

"So? Are you dating him?" Jessie Luo eagerly asked.

Her eyes sparkled upon hearing this piece of gossip from Rosy, as if she was the one dating Grayson Wang.

"Of course not! I didn't agree to date him. Don't you know how boys are? Play with their heads. Don't say yes, and don't say no. You have to be as vague as possible. Otherwise, they would lost interest in you." Suddenly an expert in men, Rosy lectured Jessie.

"Really?" asked a skeptical Jessie. She hadn't experienced this type of relationship.

"Of course! Jessie, remember this. If a man is interested in you, don't date him immediately. Take some time to get to know him more. Make sure that his intentions are pure and not just to have sex."

Jessie couldn't relate to what Rosy told her. How could she, a sugar baby, possibly find true love?

She had assured her sugar daddy that she wouldn't date or marry anyone until she was 30.

Jessie Luo sometimes found her life pathetic. Her father was a multi-millionaire, but he was frugal with his kids. He believed that his kids should find their own ways to make money.

Her father never bought her any luxurious things, even though he could very well afford to.

Jessie Luo was frustrated. She became a sugar baby due to that fact. She wanted to have those fancy things, even if it meant losing her liberty to date anyone else. Sometimes, she felt like a prostitute instead of a noble lady.

"Jessie? What are you thinking about? I am talking to you."

Jessie said nothing for a moment, staring blankly into space.

Rosy sna

t know which one she to try on first.

"To be honest, I haven't seen so many pretty dresses before. It seems that Lord Nalan spoils you more than the Young Master does, " Anna remarked as she stood beside Linda.

While checking out the dresses, something occurred to Linda. In the party, she would be formally introduced as Haley Nalan, instead of Linda Xia, her real name.

"Lily, I am now Haley Nalan. Don't ever mention my original name to anyone."

Lily Jiang nodded, "Got it. I would be very careful when someone talks to me about your name."

Linda pinched Lily's cheek and said, "That's right. I didn't expect you to be this smart!"

"Of course, I am!"

While Linda was trying on some dresses, Lord Nalan dropped by again.

Linda came up to him and said, "Grandfather, why did you bring me so many dresses? This is too much!"

"It's nothing. Just pick whatever you like. I came here to tell you that I didn't only invite the whole Nalan clan but also some of the well-known families of SH City."

"So...?" Linda was confused.

"The Qi clan will also attend."

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