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   Chapter 267 The Transfer Record Was Removed

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He won't do anything until he knew for sure that the real Linda was safe.

Linda was Charles' one true love. He would not let anyone hurt her.

He couldn't afford to make any rash decisions until he found out what happened to the real Linda.

"I will keep looking for Linda. Besides, it's good to have the woman with me for the meantime. We could get some clues from her, "

Charles Mu said after a thinking long and hard.

"Okay, Young Master, " Bun agreed.

"Also, please don't tell my parents anything about it. There's no need to make them worry."

"Young Master, please find Lady Linda as soon as possible. She's pregnant."

Blood drained from Charles Mu's face after hearing what Bun said. Bun mentioned his worst fear. Where on earth was the real Linda? Who sent this woman to stay with him?

He couldn't imagine what Linda was going through at the moment.

"I know. I'm more worried about that than you are."

"Young Master, is there any possibility that the Lady has already been..."

Charles Mu interrupted her before she could finish her sentence. He knew what Bun was about to say, that Linda might had already been dead.

Charles said gravely, "No! No! It's impossible! Bun!" His voice trembled with misery and fear. It made Bun sad to see Charles on the verge of tears.

She had never seen Charles this emotional since the day he was born. He had never felt this anguished before.

"Young Master..." Bun opened her mouth but was at a loss for words.

"I am fine. Paul has put more men on the search. I believe we would find her soon, " Charles Mu said optimistically as he tried to pull himself together.

Bun thought for a moment. She was trying to recall all the times she spent with Linda.

She had to find out when exactly had Linda been replaced by the impostor.

The whole thing seemed strange. Was

cy would not have been able to appear in front of any member of the Nalan clan again.

Linda was still a problem. Why hadn't she just drowned in the water?

Stacy Kang also made a mistake for not seeing the plan through.

Why on earth did she freak out?

She had already resigned. Why couldn't she just jump into the water and hold Linda's head down until she drowned?

Because Stacy ran away after pushing her, Linda survived.

Stacy Kang deserved to have had her hand chopped off.

She was so stupid!

"You are amazing! Rosy, tell me. How did you remove the transfer record? I'm curious about how you did it, " Jessie Luo asked eagerly.

"Do you remember the bank where we remitted the money? The SH Bank?"

"Of course, " Jessie responded, listening intently. Over the past years, the SH Bank grew to become the biggest bank of SH City.

"Grayson Wang, the youngest son of the SH Bank's CEO, is trying to court me. It wasn't hard to make the transaction disappear. One call and it was done."

Jessie Luo began to admire how lucky Rosy was and said, "Oh my gosh! Grayson Wang? The youngest son of one of the most reputable financial tycoons of SH city? He has been pursuing you? Have you started dating him?"

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