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   Chapter 266 She Was an Impostor

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Linda shook her head, as she looked at the bowl of traditional Chinese medicine filled with herbs in Anna's hands.

"Anna, how much longer do I have to take this? "

The disgust on Linda's face amused Anna. She answered, "Just one more month. Try to hang on a little bit longer, my lady."

"My god! One more month!"

Linda said miserably.

She stirred the herbal soup with a spoon, but she couldn't bring herself to eat it.

Anna put a jar of honey on the table.

"Come on, my lady. You must eat it now. The soup gets bitter as it gets cold. Here, have a spoon of honey after you're done. The sweetness will make it better."

Linda gulped the herbal soup as fast as she could. The bitter flavour made her gag.

She would die before she can last another month of having it.

"My lady, I am sorry about this, but it's for your own good. It will cure the scars on your face. You could reunite with Young Master Mu after you recover. I am sure he misses you very much."

Anna had a point. Linda didn't want to return to Charles Mu until she went back to how she looked before.

The last thing Linda wanted was to see Lisa Xia with Charles Mu.

Especially now that Lisa Xia looked exactly as how Linda looked before.

Charles Mu didn't even have a clue that Lisa was pretending to be Linda. Have they already hugged? Kissed? Or had they done something more than that?

This was all part of Lisa Xia's plan.

But Linda couldn't possibly let this continue. She had to stop it.

"Okay, I understand, " Linda nodded.

"My lady, if you don't mind me asking, when would you return to Young Master Mu?"

"I'll see him when I get back to normal. I don't look like my old self now, " Linda answered.

"I don't think it should be a problem. Young Master would certainly know that the woman he is with is a fake, since both of you had been together f

re out who this woman was. But he was certain that she wasn't his beloved Linda.

Af first, Charles Mu thought Linda's personality changed because she was pregnant.

But later, Charles Mu found her behaviour out of the ordinary. Bun complemented his suspicion by telling him that she found something wrong with Linda. After this, Charles kept his guard up with her.

He had slept with Linda so many times. Charles remembered there was a scar on one of her shins.

He even asked Linda where he got the scar from.

Linda got the scar when she was a little girl. She and her foster parents lived in a poor neighbourhood surrounded by deserted land. One day, Linda had been playing with her sister before she tripped over a stone, thus her scar.

The scar never bother Linda. It was small and faded.

The other day, Charles Mu kept an eye out for his so-called wife's shin. There was no scar at all.

From then on, Charles Mu was sure that the woman was an impostor.

This problem was bigger than he thought. Charles needed to dig deeper. He was outraged when he found out, but he chose not to confront the woman immediately. He needed the perfect timing.

He had his men find look for the real Linda. But, they have nothing yet.

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