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   Chapter 265 Be More Careful

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Acting mistreated, Rosy's eyes were filled with tears.

"Stacy, what else do you want to say?" Even more furious than before, Lord Nalan thumped the table again.

Meanwhile, Jessie sighed with relief. She looked at Rosy, and Rosy gave her a wink.

She felt at ease. Rosy had set this up, and she had been nervous for nothing.

Jessie wondered about what happened to the 50, 000 yuan. She thought that it had already been paid. How come Nelson found no record of it?

Did Rosy anticipate what was about to happen? Had she done something to hide the money?

Now, Stacy grew pale. She was struck with disbelief.

How could that be? She clearly remembered that she had already received a reminder that the 50, 000 yuan was already in her account yesterday.

Was Nelson in cohorts with Rosy?

As she thought about it, the men in suits grabbed her again, the razor-sharp machete right in front of her.

Lord Nalan firmly said, "Since you have yet to tell the truth, you should suffer the consequence of your actions."

Stacy struggled desperately, but how could she compete with two strong men? Her hand was pressed on the ground.

"This is impossible, my lord, you have to believe me. What I said was true; Lady Rosy instructed me to do it. How dare I lie to you!" Fearing for her hand, her tears dripped non-stop.

Lord Nalan ignored her, so Stacy turned to Rosy for support.

"Lady Rosy, please save me. I did this for you. You can't just hang me out to dry!"

Rosy simply looked at Stacy with disgust, "People like you should go to hell. You even pushed Linda into the water. What exactly do you want? Don't you know there is a baby in her belly? You wanted to murder your master. How crazy are you?"

Linda smiled and watched the farce. She used to look down on Rosy.

Rosy was able to

embered how Lord Nalan was. Everyone thought he was just a kind, old man.

Even though he had turned soft, Lord Nalan will still do everything for the people and the things that matter most to him.

The farce was over.

"My Lord, I believe my daughter wouldn't do anything like this." York reiterated.

There was no evidence. Even if there was evidence, they would not admit it. If they had admitted it, a hand would really be cut off. What was York going to do? He only had one daughter.

"Well, you go too!" Lord Nalan waved his hand. His head suddenly hurt. Since this matter had already been dealt with, he would not dwell into it further.

He was afraid that he would find out something that would only disappoint him.

Linda Garden of Nalan clan.

"I think that Rosy is quite smart. A witness already mentioned her name, but she still got away with it. She has tricks up her sleeves." Lily remarked.

Anna brought Linda with boiled Chinese medicine. "Of course. She, Rosy, is a lady of the Nalan clan after all. How will she survive if she doesn't have what it takes? It seems like she's an expert in doing this. She planned everything so well. Lady Linda, we have to be very careful."

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