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   Chapter 264 Split Nalan Clan

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Lord Nalan nodded.

Linda smiled and stood beside Lily.

Lily asked her quietly, "Linda, do you think that the Lord will really cut off her hand?"

Linda shrugged and said, "I don't know. I have never encountered such thing before. Just stand back and watch."

"I think it will end with blood all over the place. But she deserves it. Oh, what did you just say to the Lord?"

"I asked Grandpa to think rationally. We can't do things in haste. Do you think Jessie is behind all of this? How can Jessie hate me so much? If she wants to push someone into the water, she ought to find someone to push you too!" Linda whispered to Lily.

Lily nodded, "You're right. In fact, I think Rosy is involved. Jessie is likely to be betrayed by Rosy!"

"We will see." Linda smiled softly.

This matter escalated interestingly.

"Stacy, since you had been loyal to the Nalan clan, I will give you a last chance. Who told you to do this? If you confess, I will let you keep your hand."

Stacy was having an internal struggle.

Was she supposed to drop Rosy's name or not? Rosy belonged to the Nalan clan.

It seemed wrong to mention Rosy's name after Stacy had already received the money.

Rosy thought that she was in the clear, but when Lord Nalan asked the question, she was still vulnerable.

Stacy was still shaking and sobbing uncontrollably.

Rosy was feeling anxious.

Her palms were drowned in cold sweats. If Lord Nalan knew that she had done such thing, she will be severely punished.

She didn't even dare to think about what could happen to her if Lord Nalan found out.

He hated vile schemes like this.

After Lord Nalan's question, things

"Check it out." Lord Nalan ordered Nelson, who was standing next to him.

Nelson nodded, went out, and made a call.

It won't take long to have it checked out. Just a call to the bank and everything would be clear.

As Rosy was still a student, she did not have financial freedom, nor was she an employee of the Nalan clan's company. Her card was linked to her father's deputy card, which had a monthly limit.

Ten minutes later.

"My lord, in the past three months, there has been no transfer of 50, 000 yuan from Lady Rosy's bank account." Nelson said truthfully.

Nelson knew that Rosy had something to do with the situation, but he couldn't prove it. Nothing suspicious was found on the bank card.

"See, Grandpa?"

A moment ago, Nelson also investigated Stacy's bank account by calling up people he knew. No one found a deposit of 50, 000.

It all became awkward.

"Okay. Now, go sit down!" Lord Nalan nodded and asked Rosy to sit.

"Grandpa, you have to find out what her intentions are. This woman framed both Jessie and I. It is obvious that she is trying to split the Nalan clan."

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