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   Chapter 263 Confession

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Anna injected Stacy Kang with glucose, for nutrient supplementation. She should have gave her potassium chloride instead.

But it was too late. Stacy had already confessed.

There was no going back.

Stacy did this because Rosy paid her a hundred thousand.

She was willing to slander innocent people with an extra hundred thousand.

"What are you talking about? I don't even know you! Why are you dragging me into this?" Agitated, Jessie yelled at Stacy.

Then again, Jessie felt like she was a part of this mess. She knew everything, but she chose to keep her mouth shut.

Rosy Nalan was the ultimate culprit, but Jessie couldn't bring herself to tell Lord Nalan.

She didn't want to ruin her friendship with Rosy.

Meanwhile... Jessie wasn't the only anxious one in this room.

Rosy stood nervously. Although her fingers tightly clutched onto her skirt, she still managed to put on a subtle smile.

She was afraid that Stacy would tell the truth.

When Stacy mentioned Jessie's name instead of hers, Rosy was relieved.

She was lucky to have gotten away with it. Otherwise, all hell would break loose.

"Miss Luo, I'm not blaming you for nothing. It was you who asked me to push Lady Linda. You gave me fifty thousand for it!" Stacy continued.

York Luo couldn't stand this anymore.

This was why Lord Nalan wanted him and his daughter to come!

"Well, Lord Nalan, is there something wrong? My daughter Jessie clearly did not do this." York tried to help her daughter.

He cannot afford to let this crime tarnish the honour of his family.

"Stacy had confessed and showed evidence. Mr. York Luo, ask Jessie. Let your daughter speak for herself." Lord Nalan said coldly.

"My daughter would never do suc

know what to say.

She realized that Linda wouldn't forgive her.

At that moment, Stacy collapsed on the ground, looking gray.

The two men in suits approached her and pulled her up.

Stacy tried to hide her hand.

"No! No, let me go!" She cried aloud.

Hearing Stacy's cries frightened Jessie.

She was worried that she would end up like Stacy.

Jessie went all numb out of fear.

If Lord Nalan wanted to punish her too, she would bring Rosy Nalan down with her.

Because Rosy hadn't helped her out of this mess.

Rosy Nalan had arranged this accident. Why should I take the fall? Jessie won't let that happen to her.

Stacy was struggling, but she wasn't strong enough to wrestle out of the men's hands.

One of the men finally got ahold of Stacy's left hand.

She was pressed to the ground, the sharp machete about thirty centimeters away from her wrist.

Suddenly, Linda stood up, walked to Lord Nalan, and whispered to him.

"Don't do anything rash, Grandpa. I feel that this accident is not as simple as it seems. Jessie might not even be the culprit. Why not give her a chance? I want to know who is behind all of this."

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