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   Chapter 262 Venomous Slander

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York Luo had met Nelson Li quite a few times before. The Nalan clan did quite a lot of business with the Luo clan.

"Mr. Li, do you happen to know why Lord Nalan wants to meet with us?" York Luo asked Nelson with his pleasing smile.

"Ask your daughter, " Nelson glanced toward Jessie's direction and led the way.

Lord Nalan had wanted to personally meet both Jessie and her father.

Nelson walked ahead. York turned to Jessie and asked, "Sweetheart, do you know what this is all about? Don't try to keep secrets from your father!"

"I really don't know what happened, Daddy!" Jessie was confused too.

Suddenly, a thought came to York's mind. "Oh my God! Jessie, did you date one of Nalan's sons?"

"No, Daddy, I didn't! What are you talking about?" Jessie answered.

"Then why does Lord Nalan want to meet the both of us? He strictly instructed that I must come with you." York was met with more confusion.

After walking for a good five minutes, they finally arrived at the entrance of a hall.

After stepping into the hall, York and Jessie saw Lord Nalan sitting in front of them. York greeted the serious Lord Nalan immediately.

"Long time no see, Lord Nalan, " York showed his signature pleasing smile again.

"Lord Nalan, it's good to see you, " Jessie greeted Lord Nalan, with a sweet smile.

Lord Richard Nalan nodded at them.

After greeting Lord Nalan, York and Jessie found seats and sat down.

Jessie realized that Linda and Lily Jiang were in the hall as well.

After seeing that Lily was sitting on the left side of Lord Nalan and next to Linda, Jessie fumed up. She wanted to have the same treatment Lily got, like being able to sit near Lord Nalan.

Despite her rage, Jessie decided that it was best for her to keep quiet. She was, after all, inside Lord Nalan's house.

Jessie and Rosy Nalan were good friends. They both had spent a lot of time in the Nalan house.

Therefore, she was quite familia

intimidating all of them.

Lord Nalan only had to ask her once before Stacy Kang broke down and confessed.

Stacy bawled her eyes out.

She was afraid of what might happen to her.

The Nalan clan treated her well. They even gave her an extra hundred thousand when she had quit her servant job.

If she hadn't been this greedy, she wouldn't have done this stupid thing. She would have reunited with her family in Deyang, Sichuan province. The extra hundred thousand was enough to support her family and send her brother to a university.

Why did greed overcome her common sense?

Stacy was full of regrets. After spending a night in the police station, Stacy was afraid and sad.

After hearing Stacy's statement, Jessie was surprised that her name was mentioned.

Rosy Nalan was behind the accident. Jessie was sure of it.

Jessie was smart enough to stay out of the vile scheme. She had a feeling that Rosy and Stacy would be discovered.

Jessie did not expect Stacy to mention her name instead of Rosy's. In front of everyone!

Jessie was shocked because she had never talked to Stacy before.

"What are you talking about? I don't even know you!"

Trembling, Jessie stood up and shouted at Stacy.

"I am sorry, Miss Jessie Luo! I was forced to identify you, " Stacy said.

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