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   Chapter 261 His Lordship Has Been Waiting For a Long Time

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Surprised by Linda's order, Nelson paused for a while and did as she had ordered.

Nelson Li looked around for a piece of cloth and found one with which he blindfolded Stacy Kang.

Stacy Kang started to struggle as soon as she was blindfolded. "I have told you everything! What do you want me to do?"

"You are not telling me the truth!" Li said angrily. "Who is the person behind all these?" She looked up at him, "Do you know who I am?" "Do you know when I reached here? Do you want to stick to your story? Why defend this person? You think that person will act like you did if the roles were reversed?"

Every word Linda uttered pierced her heart all the way through.

With her eyes blindfolded, she felt the surrounding darkness and a strange fear spreading through her entire being.

Who is not afraid of death?

In the darkness, her sense of hearing grew stronger.

She heard the lifting of a vial and a lneedle sucking in some liquid.

Anna did the whole thing close to her ear to make it all the more dreadful.

However, Stacy was dead certain that they wouldn't dare to resort to any lynching tactics to kill her as the police was sure to go after them for her death.

"I will give you ten seconds to think it over!" Linda said calmly, sipping a cup of tea.




As she continued her countdown and at last reached one, Stacy continued to sit in silence.

She was tough indeed!

Linda realized that it is no use asking questions, so she decided to play her trump card.

"Anna, show her!" She said ominously.

"Yes, My Lady!"

Holding the syringe in her hand, Anna grabbed Stacy's right arm.

Stacy Kang felt a piercing pain on her arm and a stream of liquid being forced into a vein. .

She started at this as she never expected Linda to go to such lengths.


eone was held accountable, she could make Jessie Luo own up, instead of her. By doing so, she would get another 100, 000 for her family.

Rosy Nalan congratulated herself on her good luck.

She rejoiced over her tricks. In fact, she would definitely be kicked out from the Nalan clan if her grandpa knew about it.

"Rosy? Rosy? Are you there?" Jessie Luo felt it very strange as no sound could be heard from the other side.

"Yes I am." I don't know, either. You don't know anything."

"Alright! I'm coming over there." We can hang out tonight. I just bought a new special edition Hermes bag. There are only ten of those in the whole world. I will show it to you." Jessie Luo said in glee.

After hanging up, her joy of sharing kept ringing in Rosy Nalan's ears for some time.

She knew the story was about to be exposed. By then, Stacy Kang would tell on Jessie Luo instead of her.

What a narrow escape! Thank God!

As soon as they arrived at the gate, Jessie saw Nelson from afar, standing near the door with a serious look on his face.

At the sight of York and Jessie, Nelson greeted them with much respect.

"Good evening, My Lady, My Lord! This way, please! Lord Nalan has been waiting for you."

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