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   Chapter 260 Horrible!

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"Can I ask you something?"

Linda cast a glance at Stacy. She had been waiting for Anna the whole time before she commenced her questioning.

She wasn't going to start with the rope and chair, as she had something better in mind.

Stacy still remained silent but Linda still spoke to her even though she received no answer.

"Why did you push me into the water? What did Rosy promise you?"

Stacy was startled by the question.

It was impossible that Linda knew it was her, because Stacy had made sure that she covered herself properly to avoid detection. She wore a mask, so that no one could identify her face.

How did Linda know it was her?

In fact, even though she was fully covered yesterday, Stacy's scent was imprinted in Linda's mind.

Linda was sensitive to chilli and vinegar, and just when Stacy pushed her, Linda caught a strong whiff of chilli.

As Sichuanese people liked chilli, similar to how her assailant smelled like, Linda zeroed in on Stacy as the only logical suspect.

Her sense of smell had never failed her, so she concluded that, Rosy was the one that pushed her.

She was just waiting for the DNA verification.

Anna had been to Rosy's room and took the evidence yesterday. As long as the DNA sample coincided with that found in the plum garden, the perpetrator would be confirmed.

Anna had taken the DNA samples to the private hospital to test this morning, and left her contact information that they could reach her on when the hospital got the result.

"What are you talking about? I don't understand! I repeat that you are detaining me illegally. You'd better let me go now." Stacy purposely avoided

ted the DNA you left in the plum garden. It should coincide with the sample I collected from your room since you are the one who did it." Anna pounded the desk, and a loud bang echoed in the room.

"Yes, it was me! What are you going to do?"

Stacy admitted, seeing that she couldn't escape from it. Since the money for her parent's life expenses and her brother's tuition had been transferred to an account, she asked for no more.

She knew that the deal she made with Rosy would come back to bite her in the ass, but she didn't expect it happen so soon.

She blamed the bad luck that seemed to keep following her.

"Who put you up to do this? Rosy Nalan?"

"No, it had nothing to do with anyone! I did it! I did!"

Linda didn't buy it. Why would a resigned staff push her into the water without any reason? Only a handful of people in Nalan clan knew about the existence of Linda Xia, and Stacy was not one of them.

"Tell me the truth!"

Linda calmly smiled and said to Nelson, "Cover her eyes. Let's see if you can guess which side the potassium chloride is going to be injected in?"

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