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   Chapter 259 Let Me Go or I'll Sue You

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"We were just talking about how handsome you look today." Linda couldn't help but tease.

Nelson knew that they weren't talking about him in that way, but since they didn't want to be honest, he decided not to push the matter further.

Lily looked embarrassed, and felt somewhat guilty. Unconsciously, a red flush spread across her face. After all, she had been boasting about how she could beat Nelson.

But the main reason for this reaction was that she had a crush on him.

"Okay, let's get down to business. Did you manage to catch her?" Linda asked Nelson.

Nelson nodded and said, "My lady, I did catch her, but didn't bring her here last night because you were asleep."

"Mmm, bring her here now!"

He nodded and turned to leave to go bring Stacy.

After he left, Linda turned to Anna and asked, "Anna, do you have any poison? Pills or something I can use to intimidate her."

Anna became bewildered.

"My Lady, what will you do with these?"

"I just want to intimidate her. I have a feeling that she won't give in so easily. She was persuaded to hurt me by Rosy, and my guess is that she was given monetary compensation for her trouble."

"Well, you can use a prop to trick her. I have packets of glucose solution that you can use."

"Haha, you two are bad. When she comes here, do you plan on giving her an injection of the glucose solution if she doesn't confess? That will do the trick." Lily grinned.

"Yes, that's my plan. You hav

, I haven't."

"Oh. Where is your hometown?"

"Sichuan Deyang."

"Nice place huh. The weather is good, today, don't you think?"

Stacy sat in a confused state. She thought that Linda would ask why she pushed her into the water and was prepared to act like an idiot for this line of questioning.

However, Linda was making small talk, which concerned and frightened Stacy.

Stacy felt nervous and was afraid that Linda was setting a trap by asking all this random questions.

She didn't expect that what Linda said and asked really had anything to do with her intention.

Linda just wanted her to be relaxed, and preferably let her guard down, so that the glucose solution would achieve a shocking effect later.

Moments later, Anna walked back, with a box in her hands. The box didn't look special but when Anna placed it on the table, it made a high-pitched crashing sound, that made Stacy visibly shiver.

She looked at Anna strangely, without saying a word.

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