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   Chapter 258 Taught A Lesson

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Nelson had planned to hand Stacy over to Linda, but he changed his mind, and decided to question Stacy himself. It was almost 11 p.m, and Linda would certainly be asleep.

"I have no idea what you are talking about, Mr. Li."

Nelson frowned, "You think we will let you off if you keep denying it?"

Stacy's face remained lowered.

"There's nothing to deny because I didn't do anything. I was just an ordinary servant who worked for the Nalan clan for more than a decade. You and your men forced me to come with you for no reason. I...I can sue you for that, you know! "

"Sue us? Let's see you try."

Nelson would not go easy on anyone who wanted to harm Linda. Besides, he had sufficient evidence against Stacy and the puppeteer pulling her strings. He had to find who the mastermind was at all costs.

After hearing Stacy defend herself, Nelson chuckled. If he hadn't have enough proof, he wouldn't have brought Stacy back.

Now Nelson's first task was to find out who gave Stacy the orders, because she was just a servant who had nothing to do with Linda. There's no way she had a motive and the nerve to harm Linda.

Nelson bombarded Stacy with a lot of questions. But she remained stark silent, which played on Nelson's patience.

For an instant, Nelson thought beating her up would be a way to make her tell the truth. But he finally dropped the idea. After all, using force was illegal.

Now Nelson didn't know what to do.

He decided to let Stacy stay at the room which she had lived in, for a night, to work out what to do next tomorrow.

Nelson ordered two of his men to guard the room in case Stacy wanted to sneak away.

Even though Nelso

r breakfast."

"Oh my gosh. I thought I wake up pretty early. How could you and Lily wake up earlier than me?"

Linda looked at the wall clock. It was around 7 a.m.

"I'm used to getting up early. It's good for my health."

When Lily saw Linda wake up, she stopped exercising and walked to the dining room.

"Morning, Linda. Why did you get up so early today?"

Her question made Linda blush. She felt sleepy all the day after she became pregnant. Even though she went to bed very early like at 10 o'clock, Linda couldn't wake up till 9 the next morning.

"Lily, you mischievous monkey. Do you want me to instruct Nelson to teach you a lesson?" Linda said.

"Do what you please. You always use him to threaten me, but I am not afraid of him at all. Believe it or not, I can beat him up." Lily pouted.

"Wow, ladies. Who do you want to beat up in the morning? It's not good to use force."

Nelson walked over after the servants told him the Linda was up.

He heard they were talking about beating someone when he walked in. He was undoubtedly intrigued by the trajectory of their conversation.

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