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   Chapter 257 Swift To Act

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"Okay, you win. Anyway, it's time for you to go bed. Don't forget you are pregnant. Your baby needs the rest as well." Lily said, remnants of laughter still escaping in between her words.

"Fine. Would you update Nelson when he comes back? Because this pregnant woman is going to get some sleep now." Linda shook her head, smiling.

It didn't take long for Linda to fall asleep.

For Linda, Anna and Lily were both her friends whom she completely trusted, so she slept peacefully.

Nelson and his men were swift to act, arriving at the railway station, soon after they left the Nalan compound.

Nelson went directly to the top manager of the crowded station.

After looking into the database of the railway system briefly, they found the information they needed. Stacy Kang was to board through Gate 14.

The train was due to board in five minutes and leave soon after, so Nelson and his men rushed to Gate 14.

Actually, Nelson had never seen Stacy before because she was too ordinary to be noticed among the group of servants at the Nalan clan.

Wearing a hat, Stacy was sitting at the waiting area for gate 14.

Stacy was tingly with excitement when she thought of going back home. She began to hum a merry little tune.

"Almost heaven. West Virginia. Blue Ridge Mountains. Shenandoah River... Stranger to blue water. Dark and dusty. Painted on the sky. Misty taste of moon shine. Tear drops in my eyes..."

As she sang, she began to reflect on her future. The reality was she was in her early 30s with no husband and no child.

Many years had went by since she became a servant for the Nalan clan.

She was employed by them in her early 20s. Now Stacy realized it was time to focus on her own life, so she resigned and decided to come back to her hometown, buying a house there, getting married and enjoying an idyllic life with her family.

The SH city was a big international city, so the lifestyle there was too b

"I don't know what you are talking about. I didn't push anyone into the water. Please step aside, Mr. Li. I have to board the train now."

Stacy stood up and walked towards the gate with her suitcase.

Suddenly, Nelson raised his right hand and a group of men rushed to stop her.

"Stacy, you have two choices. Follow me or I'll tie you up and carry you back." Nelson said, displaying a stolid expression.

Stacy yelped in pain when one of Nelson's men grabbed one of her arms.

"Let go of me. Okay! I will come with you!"

Nelson nodded and the man loosened his grip. Since Stacy was surrounded by all of his men, there was no way she could escape.

She was too weak to take them on.

"Okay, let's go."

All of them got into the car and then drove away.

Stacy realized that she was caught. She regretted not thinking twice before accepting 50, 000 offer and doing whatever she was asked to do.

She should have not let the money get to her head.

But what was done was done. The only way forward was to keep denying it no matter what.

Because deep down, she knew if she admitted it they would send her to jail.

"Now tell me. Who ordered you to push Lady Linda into the water?" Nelson broke the silence as they were about to reach the mansion of the Nalan clan.

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