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   Chapter 255 Melon Woman

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They had narrowed down the suspect list to two people.

But, the truth would come out, so long as Lily searched for the details needed to make a connection.

"Lily, how long will it take?"

Lily''s concentration had been glued to the computer screen for more than half an hour. The only noise she produced was the constant tapping when her fingers and the keyboard connected.

The screen displayed colorful numbers and letters, shown on a black background, forming the computer language that is extracting the needed information.

On edge, Lily responded rather curtly, "Almost done, don't push me, or you are more than welcome to do it"

Nelson was flustered by her sarcastic tone. "It seems that your computer level skills are not as good as you said they are. It's been half an hour and you are not done yet."

Lily turned her head and glanced at Nelson. "You think it's easy to invade the public security system? They have installed excellent firewalls which are very hard to crack."

"What? Why are you invading the public security system? How dare you. It is illegal." Nelson was shocked. He thought that Lily would have you used legal means to gather the information they needed.

"So what?"

"Okay, I just thought..." Nelson remained silent, leaving his thoughts unvoiced.

After another half an hour or so, Lily shrieked in delight.

Pressing the "enter" button, information on Stacy Kang and Jason Yu appeared on the screen.

"Listen to this. Stacy has booked rooms at different hotels, 182 times. That's suspicious, don't you think?" Lily showed Linda the informat

ok the results of the sample of the tested DNA which showed as normal.

Back at Linda's Garden, she felt a strange feeling in the room.

Why wasn't anyone talking when she came in and why were they so serious?

"What happened? Why does everyone look sad?"

Linda turned her head and smiled. "Nothing, we were just gossiping a little bit to pass the time."

"Gossiping about who or what?"

"Jessie Luo, you must have not ever seen her before!" The girl that was frustrating Lily in the library."

"Oh! Why are you talking about that melon woman?"

"Haha, melon woman. Anna, where did you learn that expression?" (TN* The expression "Melon woman" refers to goofy woman in western part of China)

Linda remembered that Anna had studied abroad and couldn't fathom how she was now speaking with an accent.

At this time, Nelson, who always stood by and remained quiet thus far, opened his mouth.

"Lily, you can rest assured, if Jessie bullies you in the future, then you can come to me. I will make her pay." Nelson mustered courage to say this.

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