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   Chapter 254 Who Pushed Linda

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Anna smiled and said, "If Bun was here, Rosy Nalan would have suffered physically."

Linda smiled in agreement. Bun taught Rosy a lesson, a scene that Linda would have very much enjoyed.

Bun had used physical force against Sarah Shen and Amy Qi because of their insolence towards Linda, and if she were present, would have dealt with Rosy in a similar fashion. She missed Bun at the moment.

"In my opinion, Rosy has something to do with this. Because when you tumbled into the pond, she came to see you immediately and wanted to make fun of you. But when she saw Lord Nalan, she pretended to care about your health. But its plain to see why she came." Lily said.

Linda nodded and agreed with Lily. There was no doubt that Rosy feigned worry and care when she saw that Lord Nalan was there.

"I know she has something to do with this accident." Linda said.

"My Lady, did you see clearly who pushed you into the pond? You said that it was someone wearing white clothes similar to the attire worn by the servants?" Nelson asked Linda.

Linda shook her head, "I didn't see the person clearly, but I remember after they pushed me into the pond, I turned to look at them. They were so scared that they hit themselves on the stone bench and then fell down. And yes, their clothes were eerily similar to those that the servants wear."

After listening to Linda, Nelson's brows furrowed slightly. "There isn't any monitoring equipment here. Since you aren't able to give a proper description of them, where should we start? There are more than one hundred servants here. It's going to be really hard to find the perpetrator."

After thinking for a while, Linda said, "I beg to differ. An

see the person, but his thin body frame was etched in her mind.

The suspect wore a hat, it was difficult to judge, but according to the body shape, it had to be a woman.

The suspect did not want Linda to figure out their gender so they wore a hat to cover the face.

The third suspect, Jason Yu, was young and had a thin body frame like that of a woman.

Linda turned to Nelson.

"Nel, please collect more details about Stacy and Jason. I believe that one of them must have pushed me."

"What details are you looking for? All the information we have is in this document." Nelson told Linda.

"I want to know their habits, for example, whether they prefer sugar or salt." Linda answered.

Nelson smiled and said, "Lady Linda, how could I collect details like that? We have never cared about what kind of food our servants eat.

It might be easier to summon the two servants here and ask them directly." Nelson continued. "No, give me their information. I will find out whatever you want to know."

Lily said impatiently. She opened Anna's computer and began searching for the information Linda requested for.

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