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   Chapter 253 Rosy‘s Failed Attempt At Mocking Linda

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To Linda, the only reason why Rosy would visit was if she knew that someone was planning to push her in the pond.

Otherwise, there was no reason for her to come visit her.

Rosy looked at Linda and said with a smile, "Hello, my name is Rosy Nalan. We've met before."

Of course, Linda remembered the day they met so vividly. It wasn't a pleasant one. That fact that Rosy suggested otherwise amused Linda.

Linda clearly remembered that Rosy had torn off her mask rather rudely and mistook her for a servant of the Nalan clan.

"You've met before?" Richard asked, curiously.

Before Linda could say a word, Rosy raced to answer the question, interlinking her hands with Richard's.

"Yes, we met in the plum garden."

Linda smiled. She didn't reveal all the details, because, in her mind, what happened that day wasn't a big issue.

"By the way, what's your name? I know that grandpa has adopted you. But from now on, we are sisters. I heard that you fell into the pond. How are you feeling now?"

"Linda Nalan." Linda made up a name, with an agenda in mind. Lisa was pretending to be her and was at the Mu's villa at present, and Linda wanted to investigate everything before she revealed the truth. Richard knew she wanted to hide her identity, so he wasn't surprised to hear her respond with a fake name.

Though Rosy complimented her on the surface, she cursed Linda for using the Nalan name.

To Rosy, Linda had no right to use the name because she wasn't a Nalan by blood.

The surname could be changed, but this fact cou

ordered Nelson to investigate what happened.

Who dared push the Lady Linda into the pond?

And why would they?

Lily couldn't hold back her laughter when Richard and Rosy left.

Back when Lily was in college, Rosy and her close friends tended to bully and embarrass her because of a boy.

Now it's payback time.

"Linda, I gotta hand it to you. She meant to piss you off, but unexpectedly you scared her away." Lily praised Linda for her insightfullness as she smiled.

"I could tell why she had come here. Her foolish provocation won't go unnoticed with me." Linda shook her head in resignation.

In her eyes, Rosy was terribly stupid.

'Is she really that confident that I won't find out evidence of her involvement?' thought Linda.

'What does she take me for?'

It's not wise to look down upon your enemy before you know their potential.

"She is so ridiculous. Maybe this is how she treats the servants, always turning her nose up at others." Lily said, knowing too well the kind of person Rosy was.

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