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   Chapter 252 What Was the Truth

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Anna hurriedly followed Linda.

"Nelson, watch the door. I'll help Lady Linda change her clothes." Anna said, looking at Linda, who was wet from head to toe.

"Okay." Nelson nodded and left.

"Linda, Linda." Lily shook Linda gently, but Linda didn't respond and only trembled unconsciously when the breeze touched her skin.

"Come on Lily, let's change her clothes and take her inside."

They quickly removed her wet clothes, And then dried her hair and called Nelson back. Nelson carried Linda back to the Linda Garden

And put her in her bed.

Anna switched on the heating right away, so that Linda would not catch a cold.

Anna gave Linda a check-up. Fortunately, Linda hadn't been in the water for too long, so she was just weak from the pregnancy, And would be fine after some rest. And thankfully, the baby was healthy too.

Soon after, Linda opened her eyes, albeit slowly.

Though the temperature in the room was appropriate, she still shivered.

Anna had prepared some ginger tea to warm her up when she awoke.

"My Lady, thank God, you are awake! Drink some ginger tea to warm yourself up." Anna smiled, handing Linda the cup of tea.

"Thank you. I'll drink it later. Put it down first." Linda said, weakly.

"No, My Lady, please drink it before it gets cold. Otherwise it's medicinal properties will dissipate."

Anna knew Linda loathed ginger tea. If she didn't force Linda to drink, she would definitely pour it away. So she had to ensure that she drunk it.

Linda followed the instruction and gulped down the ginger tea unwillingly, whilst pinching her nose.

As the s

da patting her on her shoulder.

"Thank you, grandpa."

Nelson came in again.

"My Lord, Young Lady, Miss Nalan is here."

"Why is Rosy here?" Richard got a little puzzled.

Nelson knew the Lord's reply, so he replied, "I see. I'll tell her to leave."

Linda thought it was weird. Why was Rosy here? Had the news traveled that fast?

Or was she behind all these?

"It's okay, grandpa. Let her in. It's impolite for me to avoid her."

Linda smiled. Her eyes looked like a crescent moon. Looking at Linda, Richard's memories of his daughter Sherry Nalan, flooded his mind. Linda took after her mother, in kindness as well as her facial features.

Since Linda agreed to see her, Nelson invited Rosy in.

Rosy was a little shocked when she saw Richard standing beside Linda. She had intended to find out about waht Linda wanted to do. So when her servant told her that Linda lived here, she came over without hesitation.

Because Linda didn't get on with Jessie, Rosy came here alone.


Richard just nodded, displaying a stolid expression.

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