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   Chapter 251 The Rescue

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Nelson was reading in his room when he heard a voice calling for him outside, and it sounded like Lily's. He beamed as his heart began to race.

Nelson placed the book on his bed and answered the door.

Lily was at the door with a panicked expression on her face.

"What's wrong, Lily?" Nelson asked.

Lily was out of breath from running. When she was about to speak, she accidentally choked and started coughing persistently, so much so that she couldn't say anything.

Nelson went back into his room and poured a glass of water for Lily. He gestured Lily to drink the water whilst patting her on her back.

"Slow down. Don't rush. Is it that exciting to see me?" Nelson joked, raising his eyebrows.

"Go to hell. You think I'm excited because of you? You need to rescue Linda. She just fell into the water, and I couldn't swim, so I can't save her."

"What? Lady Linda fell into the water?" Nelson's demeanour changed dramatically.

"Yes, in the plum garden. You should hurry! I was going to come visit you, but suddenly I forgot where you lived. So I went back and found Linda in the water. And from the way she looked, it didn't seem like she couldn't hang on much longer."

"I'll go rescue Lady Linda. You let Anna know and bring her there, we need her."


Nelson immediately raced towards the plum garden.

He was running as fast as he could, worried for Linda's life.

He could tell that Lord Nalan really cherished Lady Linda, and he couldn't let anything happen to her. And there was also the unborn baby. He couldn't lose two lives like this!

In two minutes, Nelson made it to the plum garden's gate.

Other than the bright lights and the slight trembles of the plum blossoms because of the breeze, the garden was dead silent.

It was already dark, and a bad feeling came over Nelson at once. He quickly ran inside, "Lady Linda, Lady Linda, can you hear me? If you can hear me, please make a sound

Even if grandfather investigated this matter and finds out who pushed Linda into the water, they would just refuse to admit it. Could anyone possibly force her into confessing? She was Richard Nalan's granddaughter, by blood, and Richard would never hurt her for the sake of a..."

Thinking of this, Rosy felt even better.

"Come on. Let's have something special for dinner to celebrate." Rosy smiled and said to Jessie.

Lily rushed to Anna as fast as she could and they returned to the plum garden as quickly as possible.

Anna also brought Linda a set of clean clothes. Linda's clothes must have all been drenched when she fell into the water. In this cold weather, she could be sick in a few minutes. So Anna thought of treating Linda at the plum garden first.

When they arrived at the plum garden, Nelson had dragged Linda out of the pond, and she was lying quietly on the ground.

Nelson had placed his coat under Linda's head.

Since it was inappropriate for Nelson to take off Linda's clothes, he couldn't do anything about her wet clothes, but only wait for Anna and Lily to arrive.

Upon seeing Anna and Lily, Nelson called out immediately, "One of you come quickly and help Lady Linda to change into some dry clothes. She's all drenched, and she might be hypothermic."

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