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   Chapter 250 Disaster by the Pond

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"Do you know how to play go, Linda?" Lily asked, out of the blue.

Linda was taken aback for a second, "Yeah, I do!"

She certainly wasn't a master of the game but only knew the basics.

"Let's play a round! It's still early." Lily then suggested.

"Okay." Linda nodded.

"Luckily we have a great view here in the plum garden, and it's not very windy today. Out here, we can enjoy the magical scenery while looking at the plum blossoms in the cold breeze. It's such a nice location."

"Great, wait for me! I'll go get Nelson. The Nalan villa is huge, and surely they must have a set of go!" For some reason, Lily's words sounded less sincere. Her eyes strayed from Linda as well.

It turned out Lily just wanted to find Nelson. It was a clever excuse that made Linda chuckle. She didn't point out Lily's pretense, but simply nodded and said, "Go on. I'll be here waiting for you."

Lily then trotted out of the plum garden.

Feeling bored, Linda crouched down by the pond and looked at the fish in the water. Because of the chilly weather, all the fish stayed at the bottom of the pond, and none of them would surface.

The water in the pond was somewhat warmer.

Next to the pond was a mounted chest filled with left-over grains. Everyday, the servants came by and fed the fish.

Right on cue, one of them walked towards Linda.

Linda waved at them, "You can go now. I'll feed the fish today."

The servant nodded and carefully reminded Linda that she shouldn't feed too much to them.

The fish would never feel full, so they would eat as much as they were fed. They could easily die because of this. Such common sense was not alien to Linda. She nodded to the servant to the affirmative.

The servant

flopping in the water. And from the looks of it, she had been in the pond for a while.

Linda was within an inch off her life. The scene terrified Lily.

Amidst the confusion, Linda opened her eyes and saw Lily. Yet her throat felt too tight to let any voice pass through. She didn't have any strength left.

"Linda, how are you? Are you okay? Just hang in there, I'll get someone to rescue you. I can't swim. If I jump in, I will be of no use.

Linda, please don't close your eyes. Hold on a bit longer, please, you must hold on.


Linda was no longer responsive, but subconsciously she was able to make her body float on the pond so that no water would enter her nose.

Lily quickly sprinted outside. With all the nerves on heightened alert, Lily's memory became so clear. She suddenly remembered where Nelson lived. 'Turn left from the plum garden, then turn right, and two hundred meters straight head'.

Lily swore that she had never run so fast, not even during her PE exams.

When she got to Nelson's place, Lily banged on it with all her strength.

"Nelson, Nelson! Are you there? Nelson, you gotta come out quickly!"

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