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   Chapter 249 It's Okay to Make Mistakes

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"You know what, Linda? I was very interested in hacking techniques and technologies and I could learn them quickly in a short time. But when I was young, there were so many temptations and I ended up making a lot of mistakes." Lily said faintly, looking into the distance.

"It's okay. We all make mistakes, Lily, don't beat yourself too much about it." Linda said and tried to comfort Lily.

Lily smiled but shook her head.

"Linda, I know that it's not bad to make mistakes, but what is terrible is that I made mistakes and had no courage to bear the consequences, still don't. I let someone else bear the consequences for me..."

"What happened?" Linda asked.

Lily squatted down and looked at the floor.

"Linda, you know that teenage girls like to be beautiful and buy beautiful things. I saw one of my classmates wearing a very beautiful coat back then. The coat was about two thousand. It was so beautiful that I wanted to have a similar one too. However, two thousand was my living expense for half a year and there was no way I could afford it. The fact that I couldn't have it made me feel depressed and angry, all at the same time."

"Then, what did you do?" Linda squatted down and faced her.

"My classmate who had that expensive coat, well her family were successful business people and rich. So I hacked into their accounts and stole the two thousand that I needed..."

"Well ...

"Wow, that's a big mistake. There is an old Chinese saying that no matter whether one is rich or not, people should stick to their own principles and shouldn't lose them. I understand that you were poor then, but you shouldn't have used your hacking skills to steal money, it is illegal.

Anyways don't worry, everything is in the past, isn't it?" Linda asked.

Unexpectedly, Lily shed tears. She hugged Linda and shook her head, "No. My mistakes are still following me to my present.

My classmate's parents found that their money had been stolen that night and called the p

ted, okay?" Linda said.

Linda remembered that Charles' brother-in-law was the director of the local Public?Security Bureau. He would be the perfect person to help.

However, Linda needed to wait until she was back with Charles before she asked.

"If you help me to save my brother, I will stay around and I will do whatever you ask of me to repay you." Lily took a deep breath, clenching her hands in determination. She looked up at Linda with tears in her eyes.

"What are you talking about? As a friend, if I can help you, I will." Linda said.

"That's so kind of you, Linda."

The few words covered all the sentences that Lily wanted to tell Linda.

In the past, Lily considered Linda as a good friend.

Now, Linda was more like a savior to her.

The plum garden was illuminated with lots of bright lights.

As the sky became darker, the lights became brighter.

And the plum trees blossomed becoming more beautiful under the lights.

In a pool not far away, many golden fish were swimming. The entire scenery looked like a beautiful poetic picture.

Linda had finished her dinner with the rest before 8 pm and it was too early to sleep. Linda was pregnant, therefore, she always slept before 10 pm in order to save more energy and provide ideal and healthy conditions for her baby to grow strong.

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