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   Chapter 248 Lily‘s Past

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"Okay, Linda, then I will keep your name under wraps for now. I will take your suggestion and announce you as my adopted granddaughter, okay? Richard replied after a brief moment of silence.

"Thanks, grandpa." Linda smiled sweetly.

Richard left after chatting with Linda for a while and instructing her to take the medicine on time.

Linda dined with Anna, Lily and Nelson in her yard that evening.

After dinner, Nelson went to work. After all, he was the butler at Richard's, and he had a lot of responsibilities to handle. Therefore, he could not stay any longer.

In fact, Linda had a feeling that Nelson only stayed to see more of Lily.

'Love does tend to bud regardless of reason and time, ' Linda thought as she saw his increased interest in her.

Because Linda's face was already healing, Anna had also relaxed on the rules, allowing Linda to eat Cola chicken wings once a week, but forbidding her from eating too much.

Today, Richard's chef had prepared a wonderful selection of dishes.

"Oh, no, I am really full. Let's take a walk in the yard. I feel like I'm going to get indigestion." Linda was lying on the chair, groaning and rubbing her stomach, as she complained to Lily and Anna.

Anna glanced at Linda. "My lady, I still have a few things to deal with. Let Lily take a walk with you. I have already warned you not to eat too much, now you feel awful, don't you?"

Anna had been accustomed to Linda's situation of overeating. When she was at the Mu's family home for dinned, Linda had done that as well.

But she couldn't help it, because Linda loved food. She considered the meaning of life as being the food she wanted to eat every day.

In their school days, the only thing that could motivate Linda to wake up was breakfast.

"I'm full, too. Linda, come on, let's go for a walk. I feel like

en per hour. I would work for three hours every day after class. I didn't have anything to eat or drink for more than half a year, just so that I could pay for the shirt."

"People who can afford six thousand for a shirt shouldn't be so stingy!"

"He was so stingy! Rich people are all the same." Lily said bitterly.

However, subconsciously, Lily seemed to feel that she had said something wrong, "Linda!...."

Linda just smiled. "I understand what you mean, I won't blame you. You can say whatever you want. We are friends, aren't we? And I'm not rich. You know, my family used to be poor......"

"Your family? Aren't you Richard's granddaughter? How can your family be poor?"

Linda stared blankly. She forgot that she hadn't told Lily about her background. So Linda told Lily about her journey of finding out that she was part of the Xia clan and looking for her family.

She mentioned Bun and a lot of interesting people, and she also explained how she got the scar on her face.

Lily really admired Linda.

Bun? Linda had not seen Bun for a long time. Linda missed her a lot when she mentioned her name.

"I will introduce Bun to you. She is also an interesting woman." Linda smiled and said to Lily.

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