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   Chapter 247 Boys Love

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As the minutes ticked on by, everyone was looking at the incomprehensible code on the screen. Aside from Lily, everyone else looked confused. It was gibberish to them.

They looked on as Lily wrote some codes on the computer, her fingers typing on the keyboard.

"Anna, I had no idea that you are interested in books about bl, Hahaha!" Lily couldn't help but tease Anna when she restored the system. She had seen the browsing history on Anna's computer.

"Hahaha, don't you know these books are very nice and quite popular now." Facing ridicule from Lily, Anna smiled and replied.

"It's not a shame to read these books. Bl novel is in fashion."

"What's bl novel?" Listening to the conversation between the two, Nelson became confused and asked.

Lily glanced at Nelson, displaying a lop-sided smile, but she did not answer his question.

Anna also smiled gently. She liked reading such books only because she thought that pure love between two men was also very beautiful.

Nelson had to turn to Linda for an answer.

So Linda explained, "bl, literally translates to boys love..."

"Boys love? Means love between boys? Still not so clear..." Nelson shook his head.

Linda sighed. Nelson was a male chauvinist so he couldn't understand such things. Therefore, she had to explain in detail, "the book is about love relationships between males, which is known as bl novel, that is, romantic novel."

Hearing the explanation, even a stupid person could understand it clearly. Nelson suddenly flushed.

For a while, the room fell silent. Seeing the look on Nelson's face, Lily couldn't help but laugh.

Half an hour later, Lily restarted the computer. Her work was finished.

"Okay, the system has been recovered. The final default time has been set to one and a half months ago, right?" Lily asked.

"Let me see." Anna sat in

a's head. The words were critical, but his face belied the urgency of them and brimmed with tender love.

How did Richard know about this? Linda looked embarrassed. She had once sneaked a taste of coke when her face had not recovered, which Richard knew about. And now he also knew she hadn't taken the medicine on time. He must think she was a very disobedient child.

"The most important thing for you now is to take all the liquid medicines as soon as possible. Take the medicine for a month. When your baby grows, you can't drink these Chinese medicine any more. Do you know that?" Anna nodded in agreement.

When she heard his words, she rubbed at her temples. She could feel a headache coming. She really didn't want to have the Chinese medicine because the taste was really bad.

"Linda, now that your face has healed, I'll introduce you to all the people in the Nalan clan as my granddaughter."

Frowning, she replied, "Grandpa, just say you have adopted me as your granddaughter. Don't mention the blood connection. There seems to be an imposter in the Mu clan who is pretending to be me and I need to get to the bottom of this. Many things haven't been clarified yet, and we certainly don't want to rush matters."

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