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   Chapter 246 Thorn-Apple

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James was amazed by Violet's doubts. "Charles has been spoiling Linda in every possible way. Why is he acting differently this time? Something is not right."

But he believed in his son's judgement. So he said to Violet, "Leave it to Charles. He will work it out. Linda needs to rest. Shall we go home?"

In Linda's Garden at the Nalan Clan.

"My Lady, you poured the Chinese medicine in the flower pot, didn't you? I can smell it." A strong smell of medicine wafted into her nostrils as Anna checked the pot, with roses, near the window. She was visibly angry.

Linda responded like a spoiled child, "Anna, it's bitter and I don't want it!"

"No! You have to drink it. It will ensure your wounds heal well. You have to take the medicine for another month." Anna decisively rejected her proposal and then asked the servant to make her another bowl.

The medicine was important because Linda didn't look exactly the same as she had, though her face was healing. If she wanted to restore a fraction of the beauty she once had, she would have to drink the medicine.

Lily Jiang was standing by grinning "Linda, you have been attempting to escape taking the Chinese medicine the whole week but you have failed every time. Anna has a very sharp eye and sense of smell. She's very good."

"Don't laugh at me. The smell is too strong. I really don't like it. You can taste it if you want." Linda coldly said and rolled her eyes at Lily.

At the same time, Linda wondered why she was always being caught.

As they were talking, a servant came in to report.


name in SH.

She used to hack into dozens of security networks of higher-education schools and once, unlocked a phone jail-breaking system, which sent huge waves around SH. It was said that Thorn-Apple was a hot man, concealed as a college student.

But rumor had it that the hacker was taken to court by the phone developers for trial and had disappeared.

People sighed, as it was abundantly clear to them that no matter how good the hacker was, there was always someone who could take him down.

Be that as it may, Thorn-Apple also helped students. The hacker had decoded the paid learning materials on many websites so that the economically challenged students could download.

"Wow! Look at you! What a surprise!" Anna handed the laptop to Lily.

"It's no big deal. I'm just a sophomore student who majored in computer. That's all."

As Lily had no intention to bring up her past, Linda didn't push the subject.

Lily placed it on the desk, plugged it in and switched it on. Then she started typing, eyes glued on the screen.

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