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   Chapter 245 Making Things Easier To Handle

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Brian Ho had been treating her well lately and hung out with her quite often, but nothing magical had happened as of yet. He took her to the hotel, but she had no recollection of what happened after they checked in. Brian always told her that she was tired and soon fell asleep as soon as they got to the hotel.

Though Sarah Shen didn't trust him entirely, she couldn't find anything unusual since every time she woke up, Brian was there taking care of her.

Therefore, Sarah was preoccupied with enjoying Brian's attention and avoided meddling with Linda.

Besides, her father had warned her not to mess with Mu clan affairs. As a result, she led a relatively leisurely life recently, skipping classes at the police academy and dating Brian.

Amy noticed that Sarah had zoned out.

"Sarah, what are you thinking about? Are you listening?"

Amy's question snapped her from her reverie. "What? What did you say? I'm sorry. I zoned out for a bit."

Amy took a deep breathe and then closed her eyes. "I made a deal in exchange for Linda. The cost is too much for me and I don't know what to do." Amy said in a harsh voice.

Sarah had a bad feeling and asked, "What's the price?"

"I have to transfer to the man, half of the Qi clan's property assets."

"Oh my god! Are you out of your mind?

Amy glanced at her and continued, "Save it! I don't need a reprimand. I need help. I wasn't thinking clearly back then. I hated Linda so much, and that's why I agreed to the de

en if she wanted the baby dead."

Violet confided in James.

"She would have sent someone to do it. She isn't stupid."

"You mean Linda was lying? I don't think so. She won't have risked the life of her own child to frame Amy."

After spending all these time with Linda, Violet was aware of her wit and kindness. She knew Linda didn't like dishonest practices, or scheming against others but desired for a simple life.

That was why Violet accepted and embraced her as her soon-to-be daughter-in-law. She could feel her true love for her son and not for Charles' money or position in the society.

That was the daughter-in-law she needed.

"Let us discuss this matter after Linda recovers." James continued after a brief pause.

"What's even more strange is Charles' attitude. I mean, Linda just lost a baby, and Charles is more concerned with dealing with company affairs than taking care of her. I don't understand." Violet shook her head in confusion and disappointment.

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