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   Chapter 244 Meeting Sarah Shen

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Her husband's voice echoed in the room, stopping Amanda where she stood.

"Stop. What are you doing? Give the girl some space to figure things out."

Amanda said sadly, "What is upsetting her? Why is she breaking things?"

Bob continued to read the newspaper as he responded, "She must go through the motions. We can't help and there is no need to worry about her reactions. It's better than her being a home wrecker. She went too far last time."

Although James didn't complain, Bob still felt ashamed.

Scheming was a taboo for men. They believed in handling issues fair and square.

"I feel so sad for our daughter. Why is she so obsessed with Young Master Mu?"

"He is an ideal man. It makes sense. She's young. She can't get over Charles Mu because she has yet to meet other better men. Everything will be right."

Amanda's blood-shot eyes and pent-up tears tagged at Bob's heart.

Amanda took Bob's advice and refrained from rushing to her daughter's aid.

Amy felt better after venting her anger by smashing the phone.

But after picking up the pieces, it was clear the phone was completely broken and couldn't be repaired.

Amy opened the door and shouted, "Mother, my phone fell on the ground and isn't working. Ask Mrs Zhang to buy me a new one, please. I need it now."

As she had broken the phone on impulse, she couldn't contact anyone.

She was upset now and in desperate need of a friendly companion. Sarah Shen was the friend she needed most at that hour.

After sending Amy th

if my guess is right, she isn't the real Linda but an imposter."

"An imposter? How is that even possible? There is no way that two people can look exactly alike. Even twins don't look the same."

Amy suddenly broke down, "It's possible! She is an imposter! I'm telling you!"

Amy's crying was beginning to attract a lot of attention, so they asked the waiter for a private room and continued with the conversation.

"Calm down, Amy. You can talk to me. Why are you so sure that she is an imposter?"

"Because I murdered the real Linda. I saw my men throw her into the river and before then, I had made more than ten deep slashes on her face. She can't have healed that fast and show up without any scars.

It just doesn't make sense."

"What? You murdered Linda Xia? I went to the Mu clan some days ago but I never heard anything about Linda missing or that her face was injured."

"That's what I can't figure out! I don't know what to do now."

The news that Linda was dead surprised Sarah.

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