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   Chapter 242 The Mastermind

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Violet hesitated. Maybe Linda fell into the pond by accident?

"Aunt Violet, you know, I always behave myself when I'm at your house. I didn't push her. I'm not in the habit of asking for trouble these days."

"Fine, The truth will be revealed sooner or later. Go home and rest."

Because "Linda" was pregnant, the fall wasn't a small issue.

But Amy's justification did make sense. Violet was in turmoil.

Worried about "Linda" and the baby, Charles rushed to the hospital the moment he receieved the news.

It had been three hours since the operation had ended.

Violet and James walked towards the doctor, as soon as they saw him.

"How is she?" Violet asked, anxiously.

"She is recovering but unfortunately, I have some bad news." said the doctor, who looked worried.

Violet's heart sank. Was there something wrong with the baby?

"What happened? Please speak plainly." said James, frowning while holding Violet steady.

"The baby has passed on."

"How can that have happened? She just fell into a pond! And we pulled her out immediately Why couldn't you save the baby?" said Violet, her voice breaking.

"My lady, the only explanation is that she must have hit somethi

inish her words.

"Look at her..." complained Amanda to her husband.

"Just leave her alone. She must be feeling bad today. It's time for her to let him go. After all, Charles is engaged."

Amy was in her room thinking about what happened

When her phone rang. The phone number was not familiar.

Somehow, Amy knew it was Adam.

The voice was gentle. "Lady Qi, what's wrong?" Adam laughed softly.

"Don't play dumb. You know why I've called. Who is the girl? Is she Linda?"

"Is she Linda? How would I know!"

"Stop pretending! How can you not know about all this?"

"Miss Qi, don't you remember that I brought Linda to you personally? Did she escape because of your mercy? Should you blame me for that?"

"She is not Linda, is she? The real Linda is in the river right now."

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