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   Chapter 241 Linda Jumped into the Pond

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Anyway, she didn't believe the girl was Linda, for she had seen her thrown into the roaring river with her own eyes.

During dinner, everyone was pretending to be cordially with each other. Even Amy was kind to Linda, as if she was okay with her being with Charles.

It was such a relief for James and Violet since they had been worried about Amy. It wasn't a secret that Amy loved Charles.

Charles left after he answered a phone call from Paul. He intended to pick up Linda after a while.

Lisa knew Amy would approach her, Because Amy had abducted the real Linda, Gashed her face with a sharp knife in the garage and thrown her into the river.

Lisa gulped when she learned the details of what she had done in an e-mail.

Gashed her face with a sharp knife?

It must have hurt a lot.

It must have felt worse than death!

Would she come to such a sticky end? The news lifted Lisa's mood. It seemed that those who offended her were paying for it. Karma was a fickle thing.

It was night time by the time Lisa finished her dinner. She decided to go for a walk in the yard.

As expected, Amy approached her.

"Who are you?" asked Amy, studying her face intently.

Lisa was deeply amused, she knew what Amy was looking for.

"Who am I? I'm Linda."

"You're not her. Who the hell are you? What do you want with Charles?" snapped Amy.

Lisa asked, feigning innocence, "Why do you think I'm not Linda?"

"You are definitely not her. I'll give you one more chance. Who the hell are you? You'd be

here is she now?"

"The young Lady fell in the fish pond."


"I don't know the details. I was standing guard outside the yard. Suddenly, I heard someone screaming for help. Then I found it was the young Lady. It seems that it was Amy who had pushed her into the pond."

Answered the servant.

"Amy? It seems like she is looking for trouble. How could she behave like that at the Mu's villa?"

Lisa was in shock when the servants came to her rescue.

When she was finally pulled out from the pond, she had lost consciousness and lay on the ground very still.

James and Violet sent her to the hospital urgently.

Outside the emergency room. James and Violet worriedly gazed around, praying that Linda and, most importantly, their unborn grandson, would be okay.

Linda was pregnant.

Amy hurriedly arrived at the hospital.

"Go home." said Violet coldly when she saw Amy.

"I didn't push her. She jumped into the pond." Amy had mixed emotions, oscillating between hurt and anger.

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