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   Chapter 240 Had Anyone Saved Her

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"Brilliant. Show them in please." Hearing the news, she was uplifted.

Voilet had always thought Amy would be a perfect match to Charles. She definitely had the looks; she was well mannered, graceful and came from a reputed clan.

There was another reason behind her hatred towards Linda. It was because James had a crush on Sherry Nolan, and the fact that Linda took after her mother.

But now, Violet had gladly accepted Linda, and even thought her desirable..

Amy on the other hand, had lost all credibility after the incident.

"Young Master Mu and Lady Linda", the guard announced.

She was dead, wasn't she?

Amy was completely baffled.

If she wasn't dead, Linda would definitely get back at her. Amy recalled every detail of how she had tortured Linda, before pushing her into the cold river.

Amy felt a sudden knot in her stomach; something wasn't right.

Lisa Xia and Charles' entered the room, hand in hand. They exchanged pleasantries with James and Violet.

"Mother, Father, you have a guest? We wished you had informed us."

Amy was in a state of confusion. Her mind was at unrest. She was still trying to make sense of everything, for she thought she had been successful in getting rid of Linda. So, who was this? Had Linda survived? Why was Linda looking at her like she had never seen her before? Had she lost her memory?

"You don't remember me?" Amy enquired casually, while trying to keep her calm.

Even though Lisa was unaware of Amy's existence until now, she didn't make it obvious. Was she an acquaintance of the Mu Clan?

"Am I supposed to know who you are?"

Violet was happy to see Linda's reaction when she saw Amy. Perhaps, Linda had decided to be the better person here

ast and reunite as a family.

To that Amy agreed gladly.

Violet offered Amy to join her for a bit of yoga before dinner. But, Amy's mind was still on Linda. She was still trying to put the pieces together in her mind.

"Linda Xia was dead or had she survived?" Amy kept going back and forth with these thoughts.

Amy was so sure she had pushed Linda into raging waters. How did she survive that?

Did someone find her and save her?

"Where are those scars? There should be 10 of them." Amy kept thinking about that. It would have been impossible for the scars to fade.

Amy had made deep gashes on Linda's face with the knife. The water would have only worsened them. How could she still look beautiful? Something was not right here and Amy could feel it.

Who was this woman and why was she pretending to be Linda? Amy knew Linda well. But, this woman felt like a complete stranger to her.

Amy felt uncertain. She knew she had to dig deeper now.

She decided the only way to find out what was going on was by confronting this woman. But, it had to be in private, so nobody got suspicious. She knew for sure there was more to this.

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