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   Chapter 239 Young Master Mu And Lady Linda Are Back

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After a good lunch, Amy decided to rest before getting ready to visit Mu villa.

She put on a fancy one-piece winter dress, then applied some light makeup.

In the mirror, she looked good, and that made her happy.

She knew she was better looking than Linda. But, she never understood why Charles didn't like her?

When Amanda watched Amy walk out of her room and looked at the way she dressed, she felt utterly distressed and told Bob, "I have a bad feeling about this. Amy is still in love with Charles. She refuses to give up. What do we do?"

"What should we do?"

"Here is what we should do" "Now that Amy is back, we should introduce her to a few young single men. That should get her mind off Charles."

"Great idea."

While in the garden of Mu's former house, "Ouch, my hip hurts. Can I change to another position please? I can't do this!" James Mu couldn't help laughing when he heard Violet squealing from a distance.

Violet had asked Bun to teach her a little bit of yoga, and she wasn't flexible now with age. It had started to get pretty cold outside, while Violet was still practicing.

Poor Violet, all this was new to her. These were only the basics, and she was already yelping in pain.

"No, My Lady, you can do it! Come on!"

"Hold on, Violet. You always complain about your figure. Yoga can make your body beautiful." James Mu said while standing beside her.

Violet was already in agony, and James' remarks irritated her further. She shouted in a bitter tone, "Excuse me! What do you mean? Are you trying to insinuate something here?"

"No, I dare not. You said that yourse

stern look on her face "No thanks, Lady Qi. I don't wear lipstick. Keep it to yourself."

With that, she turned around and left, leaving Amy embarrassed with the lipstick in her hand. She flied into fury.

She thought about it again and asked herself, "what the hell was that."

Amy was kind enough to have thought of Bun, to begin with, but for her to behave like this and refuse the gift was such an insult. If it weren't for the fact that she could be useful someday, Amy would not waste a minute on her.

Today being a Sunday; Charles and Linda would spend the evening with James and Violet at the main house, and leave after dinner.

Although they lived in a different villa, Lisa was the least bit interested in visiting Charles' parents, but she'd dare not oppose.

It was because she didn't know how Linda would behave in such matters. Lisa tried hard to avoid him from asking her anything.

Charles Mu took her home in the afternoon.

As Amy and Violet were chatting, the servant came in.

"My Lord, My lady. Young Master Mu and Lady Linda are here."

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