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   Chapter 237 Send Bun Away

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Linda was extremely fond of pork steamed buns. She would often ask Bun to get her some.

This time, Bun went out and bought two buns without waiting for Linda to ask. Instead of questioning Bun about it, she had two bites.

"Is there anything wrong with the steamed bun?"

"What bun?" Charles questioned.

Linda looked at Bun all teary-eyed and sad. She then held Charles' hand and said, "It wasn't her fault." I wanted to eat the buns, so I asked her to get me some. I didn't think they would turn out stale."

Face livid, Charles asked Bun, "How could you let her eat food from outside? She's pregnant! Don't you know that? What the hell were you thinking?"

"I'm sorry, Young Master Mu." Bun apologized profusely with her head down.

"Please forgive her, honey. It was an accident. Luckily, I'm fine."

"I'm sorry, My Lady."

Lisa figured this was her chance. "Honey, I don't need Bun or any other guard around me all the time. In my opinion, hiring a professional nurse will prove to be more beneficial since I'm pregnant. What do you think? Just in case, something like this was to happen again. We have to think about our baby."

She said in a whimper. Bun sneered towards Linda, thinking about how sly she was and what her intentions were after all?

Charles looked at Bun and said, "Fine! If you don't want her to serv

t's no big deal."

"Seriously? No big deal? Lucky for us, it hasn't been spread out that she has drugged people. Otherwise, she'll blacken Qi clan's name." Bob Qi coldly said, and continued to read the newspaper. The incident remained a shame for him.

Amy saw the driver waving hands to her from afar. Despite what Amanda said, she must already give in, seeing how early the driver came.

After getting on the car, the driver slowly drove her home.

As she stepped into the room, Amy saw Bob Qi and Amanda Zhang sitting at the living room. Amanda Zhang signaled her daughter with eyes to greet her father.

Due to the incident, Bob had been angry with her. He didn't speak one word with her when she was in Britain.

"Father, I'm back."

"With whose permission?"

Amy pulled herself together to sit beside Bob and held his arm. "Come on, Dad. I'm sorry. Don't be mad at me, ok?"

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