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   Chapter 236 A Tragedy Caused By Steamed Bun

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Lisa was very sure Mary would give in since Tom was her Achilles' heel. It was enough to destroy her.

It felt so good to be in charge of other's destiny.

After Lisa left, Mary nearly collapsed on her chair. She was astound. Her affair was indeed her biggest mistake ever. Being with Tom was like being an addict; she could not get herself to stop. But, now she had to find a way to make up for everything.

Mary and Tom were childhood sweethearts. Mary had assured him that she would marry him.

They lost contact with one another during college. Mary worked hard and achieved an excellent academic result. Her abilities made her the prime candidate for secretary to the CEO of the Mu Group.

But Mary knew she wanted more. With her current job, there would be no higher salary. She wanted to live a good life, and so she thought of settling down with a wealthy husband. Someone who could provide more.

She was an attractive woman with a beautiful figure to flaunt.

With careful planning, she became acquainted with Frank Han, the Chief Designer at Mu Group.

Their relationship went well and it was an easy decision for Mary to marry Frank. He loved her deeply and bestowed her with expensive gifts. Mary got used to this lavish lifestyle with him, though she never really felt the same way about him.

Despite her lack of feelings for Frank, she refused to leave him. He had the

d illness was part of another plan to achieve

something crucial.

The report was ready in thirty minutes. Charles who was worried sick asked, "How is she? Is my wife alright?"

"Master Mu, this is very unexpected. Weren't you aware that she is not allowed to eat a certain type of food during her pregnancy? This is a case of food poisoning. Something she ate during lunch caused her illness. Since this is her first term, her Lady could have miscarried."

"What did she eat?" Charles glared at Bun.

"Young Master, Lady Linda usually eats food cooked by the chef. It is safe." Bun explained.

"But as per our reports, we found pieces of meat in her stomach, which could have caused the problem."

At the mention of meat, Bun recalled that while they were at the company, Linda had asked Bun to get her food from outside. Since Spring Festival was nearing, only one restaurant was open, and they were serving steamed buns.

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