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   Chapter 235 In Charge Of Other's Destiny

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Lisa had something on Mary.

"I don't understand, My Lady."

"It's a simple task. As soon as this afternoon's meeting gets over, you will bring me the final draft of the new product, later at night. Keep in mind absolutely nobody is to find out, not even your husband or the whole company will be talking about your dirty little secret; your affair with Tom Zhang!"

Lisa gave her an evil smile. Mary felt threatened.

"What do you want exactly, young Lady? Why would you need the designs?" Mary questioned.

"That is none of your business. Just do as you're told, or face the consequence..."

Lisa took out several photographs and a piece of paper from her pocket and threw them on the desk.

Three photographs, in particular, caught Mary's attention. They were taken at the hotel where she and Tom had met on Christmas the previous year. The small piece of paper had details of many other such meetings.

How was all this personal information noted in such detail? When were these photographs even taken? Mary was speechless. Her hands were trembling when she read the contents of the paper.

Mary would have like to deny all of it, had there not been such inarguable evidence. There was nothing she could do or say to refute it. If her husband found out, he would file for a divorce!

"My Lady, please tell me what you want indeed. Why it has to be me as I have never offended you!" She said.

Lisa laughed. "Of course you haven't! This is not about you. All I want to know is, can you do as I ask? If not, then these photos will be exhibited h

ion for her. Why did he even bother to ask her such a question?

"Come to think of it Lisa; there has always been an increased concern over the emotional well-being of our staff. Since you are good with people, why don't you become a counselor here? You can guide the employees on how to improve their productivity. I'm sure this is something you would also enjoy along the way, wouldn't you?"

Lisa thought 'what is psychological analysis and what does a counselor even do?' She knew nothing about psychology.

"Sounds good, but how about giving me something easier to do for the time being?" Lisa said hesitantly. Afraid of giving herself away, she was careful and brief.

"All right, my love. Don't worry. Your priority should be taking care of yourself and our baby." Charles looked at her affectionately.

Charles returned to his schedule. Once he had finished all his meetings, they got ready to head back home.

As Lisa was leaving the office with Charles, she gave Mary one final look, somewhat reminding her of the task.

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