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   Chapter 234 Plenty of Office Gossip

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Lisa was barely even listening to what Mary Zhang was saying. Her mind was preoccupied. She only recognized Mary from the picture in the file Adam had sent.

Mary Zhang thought Linda had overheard her conversation with her colleague. That made her nervous and agitated.

Mary thought Linda was going to fire her for this. She did not say anything malicious, but she couldn't shake the feeling of guilt either.

Lisa was not interested in talking to Mary right away. She had to follow her plan to meet Charles in his office.

Having lived with Charles for some time, Lisa felt more intensely that Charles deeply cared for her in a way that was tender and thoughtful. Lisa realized that he was a perfect gentleman, just like the man of her dreams.

It was a dream come true for Lisa when she married Charles. He was an ideal man for any woman! Charles was not just successful, he also knew how to make his woman feel special. Lisa thoroughly enjoyed spending time with him. But as time passed, she began to feel infatuated with him.

"Lady Linda, please make yourself comfortable. The Young Master is busy in a meeting. He will be with you as soon as he is done." Paul helped Linda settle down in Charles' office. After he made sure she was comfortable, he handed her a glass of water.

She thanked Paul and told him that she was comfortable. "You're free to go about your duties while I rest and wait for Charles." Lisa smiled at Paul and Bun.

"Yes, My Lady! Bun can you stay here with Lady Linda?" Having said that, Paul left the room. He returned quickly. "My Lady I've just heard that the Young Master's meeting will only be over in an hour. You can play on his computer, just in case you're bored." Paul said and left Bun in charge.

Now that Lisa knew Charles was not joining her for the next hour, she had to think of some way to distract Bun to speak with Mary secretly.

"Bun, I do

a finalist for the new winter products.

"You're Mary Zhang, right? My husband's conference secretary?"

"Yes ma'am."

"If I'm not wrong, then the three new winter products in the meeting you just talked about were designed by your husband, yes? His name is Fred Han, right?"

Mary was surprised. Lady Mu already knew.

"Mrs. Mu, how did you know?"

"This is not the only thing I know. I also know a man who goes by the name, Julian Zhang."

"What are you talking about? I don't understand. If there's nothing else, I would like to be excused. You can rest here, ma'am." Just as Mary was getting up to leave, Lisa called out to her, "Don't go. I haven't finished yet."

"What are you trying to say?" Mary braced herself, turned back and asked.

Lisa continued, "Their meeting is about to finish, so I'll be quick. Today, they'll decide on Tie's three new winter products, right? Since your husband is the designer, then he's also the star of the meeting. Have you seen the draft designs?"

Mary was confused by Linda's words. She didn't understand why Linda would ask her that. She was the Lady of the Mu Clan corporation, and if she wanted to know about the new winter products, why didn't she just ask the director? Why would Linda be asking her?

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