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   Chapter 233 Feeling Somewhat Awkward!

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Lisa tore up the documents after reading. She did not want anyone to see these documents.

She only had time for a quick glance. She was sure that Bun and the other servants would return soon.

The information in the documents was crucial. However, she had not expected this level of detail.

Adam Huo was such a monster!

Lisa wondered how much longer she would have to live this life. How much more of Adam's torture could she take? The drugs, the addiction... It had to stop. Especially since she was expecting a baby. Lisa knew she had to make herself secure at the Mu Clan to be able to get out of Adam's vicious clutches.

She often thought about her mother, and wondered how she was doing.

Lisa's mother had introduced Adam Luo to her. Did her mother know the kind of person he was? The inhumane torture and abuse were humiliating. Every time Lisa thought about it, she hated her mother even more.

Lisa had lost her appetite. She ate very little at lunch. As soon as she was done, she told Bun "Alright, let's go to the company now." "Shall we?"

Lisa wanted to visit Charles' company. She told him that she was bored at home to avoid him from getting alarmed. Charles had no idea of Lisa's motives for visiting the Mu Clan company.

Lisa thought of this as the perfect excuse to visit his office.

Paul was already waiting for the women in the underground parking. After he helped Linda settle in, he drove out of the parking at a slow speed. He was aware of Linda's pregnancy.

Once they arrived at the Mu Clan company, Paul escorted them from the car to the office. Charles' secretary sai

People say that the Qi Clan is a powerful family..."

"Who knows? Perhaps her bedroom manners were too good to resist..."

Mary and her colleague laughed at that snide remark.

"But it still depends on the person. No matter how good the person's bedroom manners, the boss is particular about character..."

"Screw you..." said Mary's colleague. "If I get the opportunity to spend one night with the boss... I would gladly throw my life away..."

They laughed.

It was quite clear that these women enjoyed gossiping. They often took mundane events and added lewd or offensive interpretations. Some of their comments even made their male counterparts blush.

As Lisa walked through the office, she looked around. From the photographs she had seen earlier, she knew what Mary Zhang looked like.

Her eyes narrowed when she approached Charles' office and saw Mary, whose office was right next door, staring at her.

Mary was busy talking to her colleague about Lisa when she noticed the pregnant woman approaching. Mary immediately felt guilty and uncomfortable.

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