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   Chapter 232 A Woman's File

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Lisa was trembling after speaking with Adam over the phone. He knew her weaknesses; moreover, he played on them.

"Yes, Master. I will ensure I finish my job here on time. You can rest assured."

"It must have been tough for you these days..... considering your snacks have also reduced. Is Mu Charles not satisfied?" Lisa could sense the sarcasm.

She nodded and replied, "Young Master Mu has been very busy of late. He only sees me at night."

"Is it?" "Looks like Young Master Mu is in love. He spends the night with you?" "Is he better than me in bed. Is he good to you?" Adam Huo laughed gently, the sound of a clear stream echoed in Lisa's mind.

Lisa was shocked. By then her heart was beating so fast, she began to explain herself, "There is nobody like you Master. No one treats me as good as you do. Master."

Adam Huo said, "That's more like it." "You have been away for long. I'm beginning to miss you now. Come home on Monday. I want to see you. You serve me well."

Lisa felt beads of sweat trickling down her back once she put the phone down. How could Adam have such a hold over her?

Lisa was the oldest daughter of the Xia clan. She was the most admired child of Johnson Xia. Perfect in every way. All she ever wanted since childhood was to marry the man of her dreams.

Did she fail to understand why all this was happening? Nothing made sense. Why was God punishing her like this?

When Lisa found out about her pregnancy, she was unsure of who the father was. She remembered how Adam gave her drugs and made her his sex slave.

Lisa had to live with Charles Mu as though she was Linda, the person she loathed the most, and on Adam's mercy.

All this for what?

t everything. How ignorant.'

Now that she was pregnant, the changes in Linda were noticeable, right from her personality to her eating habits. She went from coca cola chicken wings to pine-nut salmon. The chef had been instructed to follow her new diet plan.

As soon as Lisa sat down at the dining table, the house guard walked up to her and said "My Lady, there is someone here with a package for you. Should I let him in?"

"A package for me?" Lisa asked. She then remembered Adam telling her about a package that was going to come in her name. "Yes, let him in."

Lisa had to keep the package away from everyone, especially Bun. So she asked her to apologize to Paul for making him wait.

"Sure, My Lady!" Bun replied as she left to meet Paul in the underground parking. Just before she left the room, she told Lisa to enjoy her meal.

"Yes, I will. Thank you, " said Lisa. Lisa waited until Bun was out of sight, then dismissed all the other servants. Once the room was empty, she opened the package.

Numerous photographs of Mary Zhang tumbled out. Mary was a 28-year-old married woman and secretary to Mu Charles.

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