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   Chapter 231 How Are You Doing

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Charles left early to work. Lisa decided to laze around and sleep in for longer.

It was lunch time, and Lisa was still in bed. Bun grew very worried.

For a pregnant woman, it was very important to eat all meals on time. Especially, breakfast must be on time. It was very unhealthy for a the baby if meals were not on time.

Since Lisa was still in bed. Bun decided to go in to wake her up.

"My lady, it is lunchtime already. Please get up to eat something. You can always go back to sleep after." Bun said.

Lisa was still very sleepy; she did not feel like waking up.

Bun called out to Lisa many times, but did not get any response. She got worried and walked into the room and asked "My lady, aren't you going to the office this afternoon?" "Paul will be back soon."

Lisa was irritated by all the noise and interruption. She was furious with Bun. "What are you doing here, Bun?" She shouted.

"I was worried when you did not respond, so I came in to wake you up." "It's already noon."

"Who gave you permission to enter my room?" "Are you saying I need your consent to sleep till late?"

Bun remained silent. Her good intention was not appreciated.

Bun apologised, "I'm so sorry My Lady, I did not mean it that way. I only wanted to serve you

phone asked.

With fear in her eyes and shaky hands she answered "Master."

"How is life at the Mu mansion? Have you made any of your insane demands? Is Charles Mu good to you?" He asked...

Lisa answered in a soft weak voice "No master, I did not!"

"Why is that, Lisa?" "Anyway, whatever suits you or, whatever it is you want to buy." "I'm sure Charles will gift you the moon if you'd ask for it." Adam Huo laughed on the phone. The laughter of evil was cold and frightful.

Lisa remained silent. She was terrified and didn't quite know what he meant.

"Back to business now. In about ten minutes a packet will be delivered in your name. It has a set of instructions to be followed. Remember, you also have to accompany Charles to his workplace. It's a very straightforward plot, Lisa. Don't let me down now; otherwise you know..."

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